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Predictive dialers are the best way to optimize your call center

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August 9, 2023

Are you familiar with the online predictive dialer and its benefits for the outbound call center sales environment? If you aren't, it's time you learned more about it, because nothing will improve your sales team’s productivity and performance more. 

Predictive dialing software is not as complicated as it sounds. And to prove it, we’ve broken down the facts about this dialing software innovation in the handy guide below. You’ll learn what it is, what it does, and how it works, as well as what the top advantages are for sales teams.

So keep reading and learn how you can revolutionize your sales with the ultimate online predictive dialer!

What Is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is the next level of automated dialing. Unlike other power dialer software, it has the bonus of AI capabilities and depends on statistical algorithms to offer enhanced productivity and efficiency. Therefore, a predictive dialer offers even more benefits than other power dialers. 

Benefits of Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialers not only have all the benefits of power dialers, but they also offer unique benefits.

Like other power dialers, they:

  • Place calls automatically without manual human intervention
  • Dial numbers faster than human hands are capable of
  • Eliminate the errors that creep in with manual dialing
  • Reduce idle time between calls
  • Increase call volumes and therefore productivity as well

But unlike other power dialers, they also:

  • Call multiple numbers at once when and if necessary, further increasing call volumes
  • Adapt the call frequency to suit the number of available agents, improving productivity
  • Use statistical algorithms to predict when an agent is about to be free to talk, minimizing idle time 
  • Dial at just the right time so that when a potential customer answers, there’s a live agent waiting

That’s a huge amount of benefit from one software package! But it gets even more exciting because there are different types of predictive dialers.

Types of Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers are based on automated dialing software with the addition of AI and algorithms. 

They rely on statistical data to determine the right time to call as well as how many calls to make at one time. This is based on agent availability and historical call duration metrics, but there are three types of predictive dialers that each offer a unique focus, and we’ll address those next. 

Here are three types of predictive dialers that you might want to consider for your outbound call center’s sales team.

Preview Dialers

A preview predictive dialer works like a conventional predictive dialer but also focuses on providing better agent-customer interactions through a dedicated predictive dialer CRM tool.

How does it do this? Just ahead of placing a call, it displays a call record on a screen with customer information and any relevant call history. This helps an agent go into the call with everything they need to have a productive conversation. 

A well-prepared sales agent is a more successful sales agent. This is especially helpful for new hires who are still finding their feet in the challenging and competitive world of cold calling. That brief moment of pause between calls and the helpful customer information that pops up may be just what they need to succeed.

Parallel Predictive Dialers

A parallel predictive dialer works like an ordinary predictive dialer but focuses more on call center campaign multitasking. 

How is this objective achieved? The software allows you to set customized dialing parameters for diverse campaigns running simultaneously. This means that it relies on the data from each leads list for smooth and efficient handling of calls on multiple lines.

In all other respects, a parallel predictive dialer is like an ordinary predictive dialer, with the same standard benefits. This includes the use of algorithms to optimize call productivity and efficiency. However, these algorithms can be used in different ways for different campaigns.

Progressive Dialers

A progressive predictive dialer has the basic technological features of a predictive dialer, but its main focus is on agent availability. 

How does a progressive dialer work? Much like a standard predictive dialer, actually. A progressive dialer mainly differs from an ordinary predictive dialer in its call frequency. While predictive dialers enable a phenomenal increase in call volumes, progressive dialers do so only when agents are free. 

It still dials all numbers on the call list automatically, and it still screens out busy signals and calls that go to fax lines or voicemails. But it dials only one number per teleagent at any given time, and only when that agent ends the precious call.

How Does a Web-Based Predictive Dialer Work?

A web-based predictive dialer works on the same principle as a standard predictive dialer, but it does so wholly online. This cloud-based predictive dialing software is ideal for a fully remote or hybrid workforce.  It will work through their home computer just as well as it does in a traditional outbound call center.

Agents can initiate calls through their computers, and these calls are connected to the customer’s phone number. Your tele-agents will be able to converse with the customers through their computer microphones and speakers, or telephony headsets.

Top Features  Of Online Predictive Dialer Systems

An online predictive dialer can offer you even more unique features than your average predictive dialer. Here are three top features of the best online predictive dialers that will make a major impact on your telesales performance. 

Potential Customer Identification and Analysis

A potential customer is someone who, although not yet a customer, has the potential to be one. They are capable of purchasing your service or product and may also be willing to do so. Yet they have not committed to a sale. A potential customer analysis identifies buyer intent in your leads lists.

Customized Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Customized Automated Call Distribution distributes calls to agents according to a set of rules. It means that you can distribute call lists among your agents according to custom criteria. This could be their level of experience, productivity, or sales proficiency. 

Agent Productivity Optimization

Agent productivity is measured in the number of calls a call agent successfully resolves, or the time it takes your telesales agent to close a deal. To optimize this productivity, an online predictive dialer may use coaching tools to motivate salespeople and give feedback on their key performance metrics. 

Advantages of Using an Online Predictive Dialer

Using an online predictive dialer brings many advantages for any call center business owner wanting to improve their overall efficiency and profitability.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Businesses across industries worldwide rely on Cloud computing to boost productivity and security. The reasons are simple. Cloud-based solutions are easy to implement, cost-effective, and highly scalable. All you need for a Cloud-based online predictive dialing system is the internet and a computer. 

As your business grows, your online predictive dialing system can scale up accordingly to meet your evolving needs. Meanwhile, Cloud data storage allows for safe, secure, and efficient handling of your data. And all of these benefits are available at a relatively low cost with minimal setup. 

In the comparison of predictive dialer vs. auto dialer software, the one thing that most people mention is the price difference. But although predictive dialer pricing is indeed higher than many other automated dialing software products, it’s very reasonable considering all the extra benefits.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

A large part of improving your overall sales performance is offering better customer interactions. Thanks to features like Potential Customer Identification and Analysis, Customized Automated Call Distribution (ACD), and Agent Productivity Optimization, quality customer experiences are assured. 

Knowing that the most qualified sales agents are focusing on the right potential customers at the right time will give you peace of mind. This leads to a more positive and engaging customer experience, which in turn leads to more sales. Everybody wins!

Access to Real-Time Analytics and Reports

The real-time analytics and reports of an online predictive dialer keep you up to date with your agents’ productivity, both as a whole and individually. You’ll also be able to assess the ongoing progress of your sales campaigns. 

This is how you keep your finger on the pulse of your call center operations, even in a virtual environment. So when you have to report to higher-ups and stakeholders, you’ll be well prepared. And you’ll quickly and easily identify any problems that need to be addressed as they occur.

Virtual Call Center Possibilities

An online predictive dialer allows you to hire new call center staff anywhere in the world and enables your existing staff to work remotely when necessary. A fully remote virtual call center has the added benefit of reduced overhead due to the lack of physical premises to maintain.

Because a web-based predictive dialer is hosted on a Cloud network, there’s no need for hardware installation. The online predictive dialer can be used anywhere with a stable internet connection. It is the ultimate solution to the problem of a dispersed workforce while also revolutionizing your sales.

How To Choose A Predictive Dialer 

We’re confident that by now you’re as excited about predictive dialers as we are. We realize you can’t wait to purchase one for your outbound call center sales team, but you might be unsure about how to choose one.

So here are a few tips to help you choose the best predictive dialer software for your sales team’s specific needs. 

  1. Determine Your Staff’s Unique Needs 

Every call center has unique needs. You may be looking for dialing software for a large workforce of marketing, sales, and customer service agents. Or just a small team of salespeople. Check the predictive dialer’s features against the needs of your people.

Are they often unprepared at the start of a call? Does this lead to customer frustration and the loss of sales? A preview predictive dialer will solve these problems. It gives your call agents everything they need ahead of a call to ensure a more engaging interaction. And that means greater odds of closing the deal.

  1. Consider Your Upcoming Call Campaigns

Don’t just focus on the present; look to the future. If you have multiple upcoming campaigns with completely different leads lists, a parallel predictive dialer might be the answer. It will allow multiple call campaigns to run simultaneously without the confusion and hassle of extra dialer software.

Your salespeople will enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialing with the added advantage of diverse call lines. No matter how many lead lists you’re dealing with, the parallel dialer will handle them. There’s no more chaos or stress, just successful sales campaigns, all running smoothly in parallel. 

  1. Identify Your Weakest Links

No one likes to think about this, but every business has one or more weak links. You may be failing to meet your sales targets because of low call-per-hour rates, inefficient call routing to live agents, or a lack of technical support. But you can solve all these problems with the predictive dialer from AutoReach.

AutoReach’s innovative predictive dialer is the long-awaited addition to our range of first-class telephony software. It offers higher call volumes, faster call rates, and maximized sales performance. This is thanks to a foundation of trusted power dialing software and the new and enhanced features of AI.

Final Thoughts

All dialing software will make your outbound sales team work faster and more efficiently. But if you want to truly revolutionize your sales, a predictive dialer is your best bet. It ticks all the boxes: convenient automation, improved customer experiences, and higher employee productivity. 

AutoReach has years of experience in the outbound call center industry, and we strive to always offer the latest in dialing software innovation. Leading companies know they can trust us with their telephony software needs. 

Discover this for yourself by starting your free trial today.

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