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December 18, 2023

New technological advancements–especially automation–have made a huge impact on the business world. It’s easy to understand why.

Good auto-dialing software increases your call volumes, reduces agent idle time, and improves your outbound call campaign’s efficiency. Efficient communication is just as important. RingCentral’s cloud-based communications service is known for its easy setup and low learning curve. 

You can get all of these benefits for your business by integrating RingCentral with the right automated dialer! We have the ultimate auto dialer for RingCentral, guaranteed to have you dialing in success.

What Is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service that offers phone calls, audio conferencing, and video conferencing. It ensures seamless communication among all types of devices including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

RingCentral users enjoy a variety of conferencing and messaging tools. Artificial intelligence supports all calls, allowing for recordings, transcriptions, and more. With integrations for countless productivity apps and services, it's no wonder that RingCentral is such a popular choice for business communications.

Is It Useful for Outbound Call Centers?

RingCentral is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), supporting many types of desktops and SIP phones. So, it’s useful for the outbound call center environment, whether it's set up for outreach, customer service, marketing, or sales.

To make the most of these features, you need an auto dialer for RingCentral that mirrors its dedication to security and performance. If you think your auto-dialing software isn’t important, think again! Since the very first power dialer, businesses have realized the benefits of automation for every outbound call.

The Need for Auto Dialer Software

You’ve decided you want to go with RingCentral because they’re a top-notch communications provider. But why do you need to add auto dialer software to your tech stack? 

It’s simple: auto dialers enhance your productivity and efficiency at every turn. What does productivity in an outbound contact center environment mean? These aspects may come to mind:

  • More calls
  • Less idle time
  • More deals closed on the first call
  • Less time wasted on calls that go nowhere, like voicemail or busy tones

What about outbound call efficiency? What does that mean to you? You’d probably think of the following:

  • Better use of resources
  • Less dropped calls
  • Integration with your existing CRM, as well as other platforms you use
  • Live recording capabilities

You can have all these benefits and more if you choose the right auto dialer!

Auto Dialer Benefits

The benefits you’ll reap will differ depending on the type of auto dialer you choose. There are auto dialers for all types of outbound call needs. The most common types of dialers are power dialers, progressive dialers, and predictive dialers

Each has a distinctive benefit that makes it unique and useful. However, they also all have the same core auto dialer benefits in common.

With auto dialers, you can:

  • Make up to four times more calls.
  • Dial with greater accuracy - this means less time wasted on incorrect dialing.
  • Mow through call lists at higher speeds and complete the call campaign faster.

These benefits improve agents’ confidence on calls and lets them make better use of their time. And if you choose a predictive dialer for your outbound call center needs, you have even more benefits to look forward to.

Predictive Auto Dialer Benefits

A predictive dialer can call multiple numbers at once, transferring every answered call to the next available agent. The algorithms, based on your unique call patterns, allow it to start dialing even before those agents are free.

A virtual predictive dialer gives your team the freedom to do their best work, wherever they are. It’s ideal for remote workers and frees you from the constraints of a brick-and-mortar call center. All your agents need is an internet connection and a headset.

Do multiple call campaigns stress you out? That won’t be the case if you choose a parallel predictive dialer. It can run multiple call campaigns simultaneously and in parallel. It does so even if these campaigns are using different call lists.

Introducing AutoReach - The Ultimate Auto Dialer for RingCentral

AutoReach is the best auto dialer for RingCentral on the market today. 

RingCentral users, along with users of several other communication providers, have realized the benefits almost immediately after making the switch to AutoReach. Let’s look at what sets AutoReach apart from the rest.

The Best Complementary Tools

AutoReach has dialing software for every outbound call scenario, but the best by far is the predictive dialer CRM combo.

It gives you the latest predictive dialing technology with true customer engagement. You’ll have the high-quality performance of RingCentral, backed by our call management tools. Now that’s a winning combo for any business!

Turning Up the Heat on Cold Calls

Cold calling is never easy. But with auto-dialing software that gives you the edge, your cold-calling campaigns will bring hot results!

Our dialer features like CRM integration and automated contact list creation give your agents all they need to initiate a call with confidence. And because our software reduces idle time and dropped calls, it takes you from cold calls to conversions effortlessly.

Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges

Of course, every business has unique strengths and challenges. Sometimes, you’ll have to deal with staff shortages or reduced agent availability. One of AutoReach’s top benefits is that it utilizes agent availability like no other dialer. Our software does this through intelligent algorithms that determine its dynamic dialing paces. 

This is why AutoReach comes out on top when you’re choosing a predictive dialer for your business.  

Key Features of AutoReach

Here are the key features of AutoReach’s dialing software that will make it the perfect complement to RingCentral:

Dialing Innovation

Innovative predictive dialer options add the power of AI, machine learning, and statistical algorithms to our powerhouse stable of auto dialer options. So whether you need the basic automation of a power dialer or a more advanced predictive dialer, we have it all.

Perfect Partnerships

We understand that all businesses and industries have different telephony needs. This is why AutoReach partners with RingCentral and seven other top communications providers to offer you the freedom of choice. You can even access a free trial using any one of these providers.

Beyond Dashboard Data

With AutoReach, you get a highly visible and easy-to-navigate dashboard. But we go beyond the usual dashboard and reporting features. Now you can measure the metrics that count, like conversion rates, success rates, best time to call, and so much more, based on real-time data unique to your business.

Insights That Allow Real Change

AutoReach offers custom reporting with insights into your successes (and failures) that you can use to drive real change! A holistic view of your outbound campaigns empowers you to adapt your campaign strategy and improve your performance.

Easy Integrations

You don’t have to start from scratch when you choose AutoReach for your RingCentral system. Keep using the apps and platforms you love. We offer easy built-in integrations with many popular apps, including Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, and Zoho. 

Additional Messaging Features 

We don’t just help you make more calls, faster. With AutoReach, you also have access to Broadcast SMS and Cadence SMS possibilities. This gives you even more ways to make every campaign a success, with everything you need for customer support and engagement.

How AutoReach Enhances RingCentral Performance

AutoReach enhances RingCentral’s performance through the best automated dialing software, the latest innovations, and the features most certain to drive outbound call success. 

That’s not all. Our auto dialer features also increase confidence and morale. The best thing you can do for your valued call agents is support them in their work journey. And that means giving them the tools that allow them to shine.

When you give your outbound sales team the best software to work with, you optimize their skills and expertise. This leads to more successful calls and a more motivated team. This is why so many leading businesses choose AutoReach for their outbound call software.


RingCentral offers top-tier communications with the advantage of cloud-based security and reliability. AutoReach’s auto-dialing software will dramatically boost your outbound call efficiency and productivity. And when you use our auto dialer for RingCentral, you’ll have the perfect combo for outbound call success. 

You’ll make more calls, reach more customers, and close more deals, faster and with more precision than ever before. So make the right call - for your agents, your customers, and your business. Start your free trial with AutoReach, and get the best auto dialer for RingCentral today!

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