From Cold Calls to Conversions: Unleashing the Power of Predictive Dialers in Sales

Use a predictive dialer for cold calling

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September 19, 2023

More and more outbound call centers are using predictive dialers for cold calls. Are you? If not, and you want to learn how to go seamlessly from cold calls to conversions, you’ll want to read this guide. We explain all you need to know about unleashing the power of predictive dialers in sales. 

Research indicates that, on average, only 2% of cold calls are effective. This may be due to the fact that 55% of contacts don’t answer, and 17% of contacts’ information is incorrect. 

It’s statistics like these that highlight the need for automated outbound dialing software that addresses these problems.’And a predictive dialer fits the bill perfectly.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is the latest and most advanced technology in automated dialing software. It relies on algorithms to place an outbound call just before an ongoing call is about to end. In this way, the dialer “predicts” when the right time is to initiate a call, even before a call agent becomes available.

This is why, here at Autoreach, we offer an innovative predictive dialer with all the features you need to make cold calling work for you. 

Using predictive dialers for cold calls allows you to leverage AI to make more calls, faster. And with greater success rates. It’s the very latest technology in the move towards true call center optimization. Here’s how it works:

How Our Predictive Dialer is Changing the Cold Calling Landscape

The predictive dialer can call multiple numbers simultaneously and automatically connect calls to the first available agent for successful, live conversations. 

All the old cold-calling problems just fall away. There's no more waiting only to be met with busy dial tones or voicemails. Your agents will also be prepared to close a deal every time with contextual information about the call recipient, which appears on the screen as soon as the call is connected.

What’s more, you’ll be able to generate customized reports and dashboards to determine what's working for you and what isn’t. The insights you gain from this data can be used to update and improve your call agent training and maximize your team's performance.

Advantages of Using a Predictive Dialer for Cold Calls

Cold calling is a sales technique that is still very much in use today. It involves agents calling potential customers with whom they have never interacted before. This sales technique requires great sales skills and persuasive tactics, but especially confidence.

To keep agents confident, efficient, and at the top of their game, you need dialing software that helps them:

  • Make more calls per shift
  • Place calls faster
  • Reduce downtime between calls
  • Cut down on time wasted waiting for calls to be answered
  • Avoid calls to numbers that are busy, don’t connect, or go to voicemail

Fortunately, it’s easy to enjoy all these advantages when using the right type of automated dialing software, like a predictive dialer. 

And don't think for a moment that this is only applicable to physical call centers. With the aid of a virtual predictive dialer, even fully remote or hybrid call centers can enjoy all these advantages, too.

Key Features Of Predictive Dialers For Cold Calling

Every type of dialing software out there has unique features that make it useful for a certain type of call center. So, why is the predictive dialer so useful for an outbound call center making cold calls? 

These are the key features of predictive dialers that make them ideal for the cold-calling sales environment.

Outbound Call Management Capabilities

Outbound sales calls can be tough; there's no doubt about it. But they don’t have to be when you equip your call agents with the right tools.

Some automated software can handle both incoming and outgoing calls in call centers that manage both inbound and outbound calls. Predictive dialer software, however, is designed specifically for maximizing an outbound call center’s productivity. It places new calls while agents are still concluding calls.

Automated Contact List Creation 

Integration with your CRM tools and automated contact list creation are yet another feature that cold-calling teams can rely on. It saves time that would otherwise be wasted looking up information before calling. 

This allows your cold-calling agents to reduce admin, save time, and conduct each call with confidence and efficiency. As every business leader knows, those are crucial elements for successful cold-calling sales campaigns.

Pre-Recorded Messages And Follow-Up Calls

It’s not always about the cold call itself. Sure, your agent must be good at what they do. That is, they must be eloquent, knowledgeable, and articulate. However, the addition of pre-recorded messages to your calling campaign will allow you to disseminate further vital information. 

It can pique a lead’s interest before initiating a cold call and provide a prospect with the extra nudge they need on a follow-up call. Because every telesales person will agree that even when a cold call does not lead to success the first time around, you can usually clinch the deal the next time! 

If a lead has shown interest but is not yet ready to commit to a purchase, these extra tools are essential for a successful follow-up call. Predictive dialers with the right add-on tools will make every cold call a good call. 

Algorithms That Increase Agent Productivity 

The algorithms that predictive dialers use to predict when to place calls are the true secret to their success. As your team continues to work with the predictive dialer, it will refine this process to best suit their needs. 

So the more you use a predictive dialer, the better it will serve you in the next batch of cold calls. It just keeps improving your call agents’ productivity. Now that’s what we call a good investment in any industry.

Benefits Of Using Predictive Dialers For Cold Calling

There are many types of automated dialers. So, what are the benefits of using predictive dialers instead of other dialers for your cold calling initiatives? 

Increased Efficiency And Better Timing

Any cold call is only successful if you start the right way. An agent must reach someone they can chat with. They should ideally reach out to them in a time frame that’s conducive to a conversation. And if follow-up calls need to be made, they must do so quickly and efficiently.

Research has shown that Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1 a.m. and noon and then 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. are the best times to target new customers with cold-calling. They’re generally slower days and thus allow call recipients more time to chat and consider the offer being made on your agent’s call.

The best times to make a sales call may differ from region to region or be affected by the time of year. For example, during the holiday season or on public holidays, more people may be available for calls at traditionally unsuitable times. But the outcome is invariably the same. 

When you base your cold calls on data like this, it increases the odds of reaching a receptive audience. Predictive dialers leverage automation and AI to make the most calls at the best times.

Greater Accuracy When Contacting Customers

We know how much you value your team of sales experts. However, humans are prone to mistakes, especially when under pressure or facing time constraints. And in the fast-paced and high-pressure setting of a call center, any mistake can cost you dearly. 

Can you afford to make these mistakes? We doubt it. Every misdialed number merely wastes your agents’ time and increases their frustration. It does little to help your sales, either. Using a predictive dialer for cold calls is the perfect answer to the issue of dialing accuracy. 

It powers its way through your leads and prospects' contact lists without the dialing errors that human hands are predisposed to. That’s why those in the know say that a team of qualified call agents and a predictive dialer is the ultimate combo for successful cold calls. 

Now every cold call has the potential to become a closed deal. 

Reduction In Manual Tasks

Any type of automation is going to reduce your manual task load, and that includes the predictive dialer. First, manual dialing takes time. The more you try to speed it up, the more errors you’ll likely incur. Automated dialing solves both of these common problems at once.

Secondly, a cold call will always be more successful when an agent is prepared with all the supplementary information at their disposal. This is more important than many businesses realize. It takes time to look these things up, but not when you use a predictive dialer for cold calls.

A predictive dialer not only makes calls faster and without error, but it also gives your agents all the details they need, when they need them. 

Less Downtime, More Call Time

Cold calling is effective, but it’s always a challenge. This means you need to be able to make a very large volume of calls to even out the odds. By upping the call volume, you ensure much better results. You can’t always do that so easily when you’re dealing with a smaller team, though.

A good predictive dialer solves this issue by automating the dialing pace, so your team is never overburdened when facing short staffing issues. However, because there’s less wait time between calls, and increased agent utilization, you can enjoy consistently productive call volumes.

With a predictive dialer, even smaller and less experienced cold-calling teams can rock sales!

The Boost All Sales Agents Need

Happy and confident staff equal productive staff. This is evident in all businesses, even more so in the call center industry. Many newly hired call center agents are terrified of making cold calls at first. Luckily, with time and experience, it gets a lot easier. 

A predictive dialer will give them the edge from the get-go. Because it streamlines their calling duties so efficiently, it allows them to:

  • Make more calls in less time
  • Skip over unanswered or redirected calls
  • Enjoy greater dialing accuracy
  • Reduce idle time
  • Start each call with all the info they need

All of this leads to a more productive call agent/customer interaction, every time. Which leads to more sales. This will raise their morale and give them the confidence they need to make future cold calls. A predictive dialer provides the boost that all sales agents need to exercise their cold-calling prowess. 

Are Predictive Dialers Right For All Outbound Call Centers?

Predictive dialers clearly can and do make a difference in productivity. No matter what type of outbound calls you are making, getting a predictive dialer for your business is your first step in becoming more productive and efficient. 

If you’re wondering if it’s right for your outbound call center, the answer is yes! Can a predictive dialer be used for mortgage telemarketing? What about customer service? Yes, it can! The same goes for an outreach call center. 

By targeting both existing loyal customers and new potential customers, you’ll maximize your outreach. But it is only with the best outreach management predictive dialers that those sales figures will start to skyrocket.

If you’re involved in multiple cold-calling marketing and sales campaigns at once, you also don’t have to stress. This is not the complicated situation it once was. Not with a predictive dialer, that is. There are different types of predictive dialers. A parallel predictive dialer will allow your teams to accomplish their sales and marketing goals in parallel.

As you can now see, a predictive dialer will turn any call, from a cold call to a follow-up call, into a positive experience.


Does a predictive dialer give you the edge in the cold-calling environment? It sure does! Especially when it’s accompanied by outstanding customer service. 

At AutoReach, we understand how the right automated dialer paired with quality service can make all the difference to your sales. We’ve helped many small businesses dial up their performance, and we can do the same for you. Check out our demo video to learn more about it.

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