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December 18, 2023

Are you looking for an auto dialer for your business to use with Zoom Phone? When searching for dialing software for your business, you need a system that complements your existing telecommunications system. But it should also address your unique business needs and challenges. 

AutoReach is the best auto dialer for Zoom. It works seamlessly with Zoom Phone capabilities while offering its own impressive features, too. This is why so many Zoom users rely on this auto-dialing software for a complete call package that delivers measurable results.

Read on to discover how an AutoReach and Zoom partnership can improve your business communications.

The Rise of Virtual Meetings With Zoom Phone

As we head further into the digital age, virtual meetings are the new norm. Technology is progressing rapidly, and the way we all do business is progressing with it. That’s why businesses are always looking for innovative telephony services and dialing software to enhance their virtual meeting calls. 

Zoom offers phone calls, meetings, and other business communications from the convenience of your desktop computer. This cloud-based communications solution is affordable enough for small businesses, yet professional enough for corporate concerns.

Zoom Phone is a leading voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service that integrates with Zoom. Businesses can send and receive unlimited calls from just $10 a month. The standard plan also includes call center features. 

With Zoom Phone, you can get set up quickly and affordably. It allows you to switch from phone calls to video meetings. It even integrates well with Google and Microsoft applications. It’s a user-friendly service that’s won over the corporate world in recent years.

As more and more businesses rely on virtual meetings, they’ve come to know Zoom as a reliable communication system for their virtual meetings and conference calls. So, why do you need an auto dialer for Zoom’s virtual meetings?

The Need for Auto Dialers in Virtual Meetings

Despite the constant push for new tech, some technologies are as relevant today as they’ve always been. Since they first came onto the scene decades ago, automated dialers have become a staple of outbound call centers worldwide. There will always be a place for the automated dialer. 

They’ve also kept in step with innovation, and today’s auto dialers are uniquely suited to the virtual business world. An example of this is the predictive dialer, a combination of tried-and-trusted automated dialing with AI capabilities and statistical algorithms.

Even the simplest tasks can benefit from automation. With the right auto dialer, your virtual meeting calls are given the edge. Numbers are dialed automatically, with speed, accuracy, and precision. They can even be dialed simultaneously.

Every type of call can benefit from an auto dialer. Whether it’s a virtual meeting amongst managers, a sales call, or customer outreach, your call will reap the benefits. So, what does all of this have to do with AutoReach? Everything.

Introducing AutoReach's Auto Dialer for Zoom Phone

The best auto dialer for Zoom communication services is here. AutoReach is the ultimate auto dialer solution to use with your Zoom phone service. It’s easy to set up, with virtually no learning curve. You can use it in a variety of work environments, from outreach to marketing and sales.

AutoReach has answered the call of progress, with top-tier power dialers and innovative predictive dialing software for today’s demanding outbound call industry. You can use all our dialing software with Zoom Phone as well as several other top communications providers.

And like Zoom, AutoReach’s auto-dialing software offers several exciting communication features for your business. Each service has unique advantages for your company’s call processes. But together, you’ll enjoy a calling service that increases your team’s productivity and efficiency like never before.

Key Features of AutoReach's Auto Dialer

Any dialing software is only as good as its features, and AutoReach has all the features every business needs for their outbound calls. They fit the bill for multiple outbound call scenarios, like marketing, customer service, and sales.

It’s this versatility that makes AutoReach the #1 auto dialer for Zoom Phone users. Here are more key features that will change your auto-dialing game:

Power Dialing 

If you’re looking for maximum dialing efficiency combined with call quality, power dialer software is the answer. AutoReach’s power dialer features dial numbers on leads lists or campaign lists with extreme speed and accuracy.

It also integrates with popular CRM systems, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Dynamics. This means that every call agent has all the information they need at their disposal, instantly, whenever they make a business call.

Cold calling isn’t dead - sometimes it just needs a new lease on life with a power dialer. With AutoReach’s power dialer, your team won’t just make more calls in less time, they’ll do it with greater accuracy and more confidence.

Predictive AI Dialing

AutoReach’s predictive AI dialer is one of its top features that is gaining more popularity by the day. Our predictive dialer can give you: 

  • Up to four times more live conversations
  • A 2,7% increase in agent utilization
  • A 99% decrease in agent wait time
  • A 300% improved call transfer rate

It’s benefits like these that make the biggest impression, but there’s a lot more to be said about the predictive dialer feature. It uses statistical algorithms and live data to dial multiple numbers simultaneously and to dynamically adjust the dialing pace. 

Thanks to specialized technology that detects voicemail and busy tones it also only connects your team to live conversations. And when paired with the predictive dialer CRM, they have all they need to make every live call a success.

Campaign Management

With AutoReach’s campaign management feature, you can create and manage both outbound call and SMS campaigns. Create a timeframe for contacting leads and set the software to automatically update your leads list as more leads come in.

And with all the information set out on a user-friendly dashboard, your campaigns run smoothly and with minimal effort. If you need to update anything or make adjustments, a few clicks is all it takes to refresh your outbound calling strategy.

Headless CRM

Your CRM software allows you to manage all interactions with your customers or clients. You can use this customer database in various ways, like segmenting call lists and providing information for feedback calls.

With AutoReach, you have access to a headless CRM feature. This allows you to access and manage all your customer/client data in one place. But you can also choose to transfer that customer data whenever and wherever you choose, be it a website or one of your productivity apps. 

Lead Routing 

Every one of your leads is of value to your company and each represents a potential sale. However, they can only get there if handled correctly. Any delays in updating your leads lists, or assigning them to a representative for a call, and the lead could be lost.

You won’t lose any of them if you use the lead routing feature on AutoReach’s auto dialer software packages. Every lead is routed, assigned, and contacted by the right rep when you use AutoReach’s automated lead routing feature.

SMS Capabilities

Just like cold calling, cold SMS messaging isn’t dead either. Broadcast SMS has a high open rate, with over 95% of texts opened within three minutes after being delivered. That’s why so many businesses rely on SMS campaigns that run concurrently with their call campaigns.

SMS campaigns can boost the success of your call campaigns. You just need the right messaging tools for an effective SMS marketing campaign, like AutoReach’s broadcast SMS feature. 

AutoReach also offers a cadence SMS feature, which allows you to automatically trigger follow-up text messages after completing phone calls. This gives you all you need for a well-rounded approach to new client welcome messaging, customer service feedback, and more.

AutoReach Insights

For deeper insights into your outbound call performance, all you need is AutoReach Insights. This analytical feature allows you to track the outbound call metrics that matter. You can easily monitor all the key performance indicators like conversion rates and first-call success rates. 

Use the insights to know exactly what’s working for you and what isn’t. The insights feature does more than that, though. It’ll also help you pinpoint agents that require further training and those that are serving recognition and reward.

The insights you’ll get from the data and analytics features can help you determine the best way forward for training future employees, too.


If you’re serious about your business, you have to get serious about your telecommunications choices. The reason that so many business leaders choose AutoReach for their dialing software needs is our unique approach to technological progress. 

We always offer the services you need, but adapt them to new innovations. That’s how our customers have remained competitive, successful, and relevant in today’s digital world. And we can do the same for you. 

Ready to get the best auto dialer for Zoom? Start your free trial today!

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