The Science Behind Predictive Dialing Algorithms: Maximizing Contact Ratios

How a predictive dialer algorithm works

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September 19, 2023

If you’ve heard of a predictive dialer, you probably know that it relies on algorithms to work its magic. But what are these algorithms based on, how are they formulated, and why do they matter? We explore all of this and much more in this guide to the science behind predictive dialing algorithms.

So if you’re interested in maximizing contact ratios, boosting productivity, and increasing leads and sales, keep reading. We explain all the benefits of a predictive dialer and the factors influencing your success using this type of dialer for your business.

Definition of Predictive Dialer Algorithm

Before we look at the science behind predictive dialing algorithms, let’s establish exactly what they are.

An algorithm is a process or set of rules that are followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. This is especially common with computerized equipment. Predictive dialers also have algorithms that govern their processes.

A predictive dialing algorithm calculates the optimal dialing rate, among other important processes, based on historical and real-time call data. We'll go into more depth about what these processes are a bit later in this article.

Without these algorithms working behind the scenes, you would not enjoy the more advanced benefits that set a predictive dialer apart from other types of dialing software.

Benefits of Using a Predictive Dialer

Now that you know what these algorithms mean in the context of a predictive dialer, what are the top predictive dialer benefits

An Increase in Call Volumes

Predictive dialing algorithms set the dialing pace that will give you the highest call volumes your team is capable of. As they continue to use the predictive dialing system, these algorithms will evolve and become even more accurately aligned with your team's sales conversion abilities and on-call needs. 

Improved Call Agent Utilization

Even a small team of call agents can be a powerhouse of activity with a predictive dialer. Those same algorithms that are responsible for the dialing pace will see to it. Even while the agents are all busy on calls, the algorithms calculate when they’ll be free based on statistical data. 

This keeps everyone productive all the time.

Less Idle Time

Multiple calls can be initiated at one time, automatically, with call agents ready to talk to customers as soon as they are free. This automated process reduces idle time between calls, so there’s more time for getting the job done.

More Productive Conversations

No time is wasted on calls that can’t become conversations. Busy tones, answering machines, and voicemails can be skipped over. The AI that powers predictive dialing can detect the difference between the sounds of automated messaging services, busy signals, and human voices.

This leads to more productive conversations, and you’ll see the results in your customer engagement levels and sales figures!

Types of Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers can be categorized into different types. Most share a standard range of features and benefits, like our AI-powered predictive dialer. However, the small differences in how they operate are what make them suitable for one type of outbound call center over another.

Progressive Dialer

Even the best predictive dialer software cannot guarantee success without the hard work of your skilled call agents. But when you have a smaller complement of staff or less experienced staff, there’s always the danger of burnout. That’s why it’s crucial to match the dialing pace to the size and skill of your team.

A progressive dialer can be set to dial the next number automatically as soon as an agent ends a call. Your agents won’t be overwhelmed when facing issues like short staffing, and they will work at a less stressful pace.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer automatically displays information about the next call recipient on the screen, just ahead of an agent taking a call. This is particularly useful in outreach calls like customer feedback or marketing, when that extra information is really helpful. 

It gives your agent a moment to gather the most essential facts before proceeding with the conversation. This moment of preparation is often all it takes to turn a lead into a sale or an indifferent customer into an engaged one.

Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer

An online predictive dialer or virtual predictive dialer is the solution to the problem of a dispersed workforce. You can give your employees the work-life balance they crave through a hybrid or fully remote work model while they still perform their duties. 

This is a win-win situation, as you’ll reduce your operational costs while ensuring happy and productive employees. This type of predictive dialer is cloud-based, needing only an internet connection to work. No extra hardware is required. 

Call agents use their computer microphones and speakers, or telephony headsets designed for computers, during calls. 

How Does Predictive Dialing Work? A Working Process Overview

Predictive dialers have several  essential components that contribute to their success:

The Human Agent Interface (HAI) Component

This is the component that allows interaction between the human agents operating the predictive dialer software and the hardware that enables it to run. 

Predictive Dialing Algorithms

Predictive dialing algorithms that determine how many contact numbers to dial at once and how often. This dial rate is based on data from previous calls and is known as the concurrent call ratio. It determines how many numbers to dial at once and changes as necessary. 

Contact List Management

You can also import customer and contact information from your existing CRM database, through several CRM integrations. This is what tells the predictive dialer who to call. 

Call Progress Software

Call progress software identifies and differentiates automated messaging services, voicemail recordings, and busy tones from human voices. It can be set to skip over these calls and only transfer live calls to agents.

Automated Call Detection (ACD) System And Answering Machine Detection  (AMD)

This is the software that identifies the calls to be skipped over or rescheduled. No call that is answered by a swearing machine or an automated voicemail service will be transferred to a live agent.

General Admin Software

General admin software manages your team of call agents, with user-friendly dashboards and drop-down menus. This is how they make on-call adjustments when necessary, and this is where you can track their own progress. 

Factors Influencing The Success of Predictive Dialers

Using predictive dialers for cold calls is invariably the first step on the path to success. However, there are a few other factors that influence this success. Your unique business environment will determine how important these factors are.

Calculating the Optimal Contact Rate for Agents

The optimal contact rate for agents will differ from one company and one team to the next. The predictive dialing algorithms track the real-time hit rate, historical hit rate, real-time and average call durations of the agents, and the number of agents available at any time to calculate an optimal concurrent call ratio. 

You’ll find that the optimal rate will also vary considerably as your team gains experience. They will be able to close deals or resolve customer service issues faster with their extra skills and expertise. This will mean shorter call durations, which affect the calculations of the predictive dialing algorithms.

Managing Agent Idle Time

The idle time between calls is significantly reduced when using a predictive dialer. The very purpose of predictive dialing algorithms is to optimize agents. contact ratios and reduce idle time by maximizing agent productivity. 

However, you may want to avoid a fast pace when your team is less experienced. A progressive dialer, which only initiates new calls as calls end, would then be better suited to you.


With the power of predictive dialing algorithms on your side, you’ll optimize your outbound call center, motivate and encourage your staff, and enjoy higher profits. If that sounds good to you, it’s time to invest in a predictive dialer for your business.

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