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Help your sales reps make more sales calls and connect with 4x more contacts. Combine voicemail drop, blended dialing, cadence SMS, and CRM integration and your sales team will close more deals and increase revenue.

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Why do you need a power dialer?

Smart and authentic conversations close deals. Your dialer software should provide automation that boosts rep efficiency without sacrificing call quality. You need a sales dialer that allows reps to quickly load a list of phone numbers and just click play. Direct CRM integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Dynamics, or the CRM of your choice, will save your sales reps at least 2 minutes per call. Just think of what you could be doing with all of that extra time to achieve your business goals.

Not sure which type of dialer is right for you?

Learn the differences between a predictive dialer, preview dialer, and power dialer.

How does the AutoReach power dialer work?

Sales reps can upload or select a list to begin a dialing session and start making phone calls.

When a call is complete, the power dialer software uses automation to call the next number on the list in real time.

This automation takes less time than manual dialing and logging notes into the CRM.

AutoReach will assist the rep through the list until they finish their dialing session.

What team's should use a power dialer?

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Power dialer for your sales team

Sales reps can make more calls per day and connect with more prospects. When your sales team has more conversations, they have more chances to close deals. AutoReach makes this happen by reducing the steps of manual dialing and logging notes into the CRM.

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Power dialer for your call center

Call center agents can improve their productivity by automating the manual process of dialing through contact lists. Let the dialer scroll through the list for you. Agents will close more tickets faster and improve your customer experience. A dialer will help you easily boost those customer satisfaction survey scores.

AutoReach’s Power Dialer Features

  • Call back scheduling
    When you connect with someone that is busy, you’ll need a reminder when to follow-up. In one click, schedule a call back time when they are available. You can even leave notes that reference your previous call.

  • Screen Pop
    When a new record is called, AutoReach will pull up your CRM record automatically so your sales reps will have the context they need for a quality conversation.

  • Call recording
    An essential feature for contact center management is the ability to *monitor and record calls to highlight where improvements can be made for your team. These teaching moments can be invaluable in building an agent’s confidence so they continue to learn.
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More Features

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  • Voicemail drop
    Sales teams waste time leaving personalized voicemails. Instead they can use *voicemail drop to leave pre-recorded messages as soon as a prospect’s answering machine starts.
    *powered by our partners

  • Disposition Based Automation
    Use call dispositions to automatically take action on CRM records for redials, removals, disqualification, etc.

  • CRM Integrations
    By integrating into the world’s leading CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Dynamics, we ensure your reps can onboard quickly without a huge change in workflow.

Ready to get started?

If your sales team, outbound contact center, or call center team dials hundreds of phone numbers every day, then the power dialer is one of the most powerful cold calling automation tools you can have.

If you’ve heard enough, schedule a demo below!

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve partnered with the best telephony providers out there and have deep integrations with all the major CRMs. If you’re using your own CRM, we have APIs that can streamline the connection between your CRM, call center software, and AutoReach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a power dialer improve my agent performance?

Your agents will save a significant amount of time every single day by reducing the manual tasks of dialing. We’ve seen agents save multiple hours per day. One major benefit of a power dialer is the increase in agent productivity.

Can AutoReach also handle inbound calls?

Yes. You can enable blended dialing mode to prioritize the routing of inbound live calls over outbound calls.

Can I use your system with Chrome?

We recommend that you use Chrome as your browser of choice

What about predictive dialers?

These dialers are great for automation but can lead to a negative call quality experience.
Learn more about the different types of dialers.

Can I pay with credit card?

If you decide to work with AutoReach, you can pay with credit card or ACH.

Will AutoReach replace my phone system?

AutoReach supplements your existing phone system through our integrations with leading telephony providers.

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    Automated Dialing in Salesforce or by CSV (Power, Preview, and Blended modes)

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    Scheduled Callbacks

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    Reporting in Salesforce or by CSV export

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    DNC List Management

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    Voicemail Drop*

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    Local Presence*

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    24/5 Email Support

* Depends on partner capabilities

Campaign Management

  • All items in the Professional Plan

  • AutoReach CRM

  • Unlimited Custom Fields

  • CSV Visual Importer

  • Dynamic and Static Lists

  • Skills-based routing

  • Cadences

  • Dispositions*

  • AutoReach Insights Add-on

* Depends on partner capabilities

Campaign Management

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    All items in the Standard Plan

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    Pre-built CRM integrations and Open APIs

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    Dynamic Lead Routing

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    Dashboards and Leaderboards

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    DNC.com Integration

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    Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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    AutoReach Insights Add-on

* Depends on partner capabilities

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