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What’s next for CRM?

Digital channels are evolving rapidly. To keep up, companies need more flexible ways to quickly and seamlessly access data and develop applications. That need is not being met by mainstream offerings.

Mainstream CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho have monolithic approaches. They are designed to silo data and information, then subsequently squeeze it onto a one-size-fits-all interface. This approach makes accessing and acting upon raw data very difficult, as the reporting and visualization tools of mainstream CRM services can be very limited. Without better data organization, integrating with other digital platforms or software is nearly impossible. Oftentimes, you have to pay for every API call.

One potential solution is to hire several developers to spend hours and thousands of dollars to build on top of the existing, monolithic CRM platforms. No thanks. A better solution is to reinvent how CRM works, making traditional platforms look like rolodex technology in a post-industrial age.

What is a headless CRM?

Headless CRM separates the presentation layer (the “head”) from the data repository (the “body”). What this really means is that headless CRM allows you to access and manage data in one place, but also deploy that data across any frontend you choose. This headless approach is the key that unlocks omnichannel strategies because it lets you integrate data into any system, software, or website simply by calling the APIs that the headless CRM exhibits. By modularizing a previously monolithic design, headless CRMs unlock a completely new level of flexibility for developers.

What are APIs and how do they work with headless CRM?

APIs are the way software talks to software. By connecting two applications to allow the exchange of data, APIs let companies leverage years of other companies’ work in seconds. 

For our purposes, data that is housed in a headless CRM can be seamlessly delivered via APIs across any other digital touchpoints. Therefore, the information stored in a headless CRM is endlessly reusable, regardless of the use-case. Finally, companies don’t need to be locked into CRMs that tightly couple the frontend with the backend. That approach keeps your data cramped. Headless CRMs give your data some leg room and let it stretch.

Headless CRM vs. traditional CRM?

Traditional vs Headless CRMs (visual)

Traditional CRM vs Headless CRM (Visual)
Traditional vs Headless CRMs (table)

Headless CRM Benefits

Faster developer experiences

Traditional CRM architectures have to spend time and money making expensive API calls due to inflexible data storage. A headless CRM circumvents this issue by allowing the data to be structured in a variety of ways. 

Access data freely

Truly headless data isn’t tied to a single structure so it can be accessed and used in endless ways. You can use a headless CRM to manage data for apps, websites, and more. You can even manage your internal/admin data in the same place to extract more value from it.

Developer flexibility

Because headless CRM data is served over APIs, developers can choose their own technology stack. If you prefer to work with Javascript instead of PHP or Ruby, you are free to do so. You can also interchange parts of your stack, or move from one framework to another without affecting the CRM.

Easier scaling

Headless lets you manage your data from a single source of truth, change developer tools at any time, and benefit from sending your content to high-performance cloud-based hosting.

Enhanced security

Because headless content is separated from the presentation layer it’s a smaller area of attack.

Ready to unlock your data?

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Open Data Access

Foster collaboration with a single platform with easy data access

Real-time Reporting

Make data-driven decisions in its most current form

Configurable Interface

Manage your data in a view that's unique and personalized

Role-based Access Controls

Provide the necessary level of access for all your different users

Static and Dynamic Views

Automatically update target views as new leads come in or keep it simple with static views

Structured Data Components

Easily reuse your data and quickly deploy them for lists

Unlimited Custom Fields

Add as many column headers to meet your business processes

Open APIs

Connect your unique business applications into AutoReach CRM

Pre-built CRM integrations

Automatic recurring sync to apps including Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics, and Zoho

Empower Your Outbound Team

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Make more calls, faster.

Predictive, progressive, parallel, power, preview or blended dialing modes give you the flexibility to run your outbound team efficiently.

Power dialer & predictive dialer modes enable reps to have more live conversations and eliminate the manual steps between calls.

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More conversations across channels

Cadence SMS allows you to automatically trigger text messages after phones calls or as the next step in the cadence.

Broadcast SMS allows you to send a text message to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

Illustration of the campaign management feature

Plan, execute, and track your campaigns

Eliminate soul-sucking workflows forever. Blend phone, and SMS for a streamlined omni-channel outreach. From cadence building to list distribution, reps get more success from every campaign.

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Insights that drive performance

Manage and sync your contact lists effortlessly with any of leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and more... Use the AutoReach CRM to create dynamic lists to contact the right people at the right time.

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Insights that drive results

Custom reporting provides a 360-degree view of your outbound campaigns, allowing leaders to analyze performance in detail, visualize trends, and compare results against goals.

Live leaderboards create healthy competition and give managers they insights they need to coach their team. Best-time-to-call dashboards give your reps the best chance of connecting with your buyers.

Chrome Extension

Find Numbers. Start Calling.

Save yourself the pain of copy and pasting, editing spreadsheets, and validating numbers.

The fastest way to find phone numbers and start calling so you can close more deals.

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Learn how AutoReach can take your outbound to the next level

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