Lead Routing

Improve inbound conversion rates, speed-to-lead, and close more deals with dynamic lead routing and notifications through the tools you use today.


What is Speed-to-Lead

Speed-to-lead is how fast you respond to an inbound request from a prospect or customer. Time of new lead - time of follow-up response = Speed-to-Lead

According to one Harvard Business Review Study, If your response time take more than 24 hours, your chances of successfully qualifying an inbound lead falls by 60x. Imagine a high value customer is researching a solution to their problem and they find you. They fill out a form to be contacted, but have to wait hours or days to get a response. They're going to find someone else to work with.

The same study showed that businesses who respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to convert opportunities.

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Automate your inbound process

Use one platform to ensure every lead is routed, assigned, and contacted by the right rep.

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Don't lose high value leads

AutoReach integrates with your CRM so all your information is synced.

AutoReach’s Lead Routing Features

  • Dynamic routing rules
    Optimize your lead routing rules to convert more leads into opportunities

  • Configurable round robin
    Qualified leads are sent to your sales reps in real time based on configurable round robin rules

  • Stack ranking of lead queue
    Put your best leads at the top of the list to close more deals faster

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More Features

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  • Automated notifications
    Set up notifications that trigger in AutoReach, Slack, or Microsoft teams, so your reps are always on top of their leads.

  • Contact leads quickly
    Contact the right leads with a phone call or text message (SMS) in a short amount of time

  • CRM Integrations
    AutoReach integrates with your CRM so all your information is synced.

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If your sales team, outbound contact center, or call center team dials hundreds of phone numbers every day, then AutoReach is one of the most powerful cold calling automation tools you can have.

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If you’re still not convinced, we’ve partnered with the best telephony providers out there and have deep integrations with all the major CRMs. If you’re using your own CRM, we have APIs that can streamline the connection between your CRM, call center software, and AutoReach.

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Empower Your Outbound Team

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Make more calls, faster.

Predictive, progressive, parallel, power, preview or blended dialing modes give you the flexibility to run your outbound team efficiently.

Power dialer & predictive dialer modes enable reps to have more live conversations and eliminate the manual steps between calls.

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More conversations across channels

Cadence SMS allows you to automatically trigger text messages after phones calls or as the next step in the cadence.

Broadcast SMS allows you to send a text message to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

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Plan, execute, and track your campaigns

Eliminate soul-sucking workflows forever. Blend phone, and SMS for a streamlined omni-channel outreach. From cadence building to list distribution, reps get more success from every campaign.

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Insights that drive performance

Manage and sync your contact lists effortlessly with any of leading CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and more... Use the AutoReach CRM to create dynamic lists to contact the right people at the right time.

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Insights that drive results

Custom reporting provides a 360-degree view of your outbound campaigns, allowing leaders to analyze performance in detail, visualize trends, and compare results against goals.

Live leaderboards create healthy competition and give managers they insights they need to coach their team. Best-time-to-call dashboards give your reps the best chance of connecting with your buyers.

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Find Numbers. Start Calling.

Save yourself the pain of copy and pasting, editing spreadsheets, and validating numbers.

The fastest way to find phone numbers and start calling so you can close more deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will lead routing improve my conversion rate?

Absolutely. If you measure and improve your speed to lead and test different routing rules, you will see a dramatic increase in conversion rates.

Can I route my best leads to my best reps?

Yes. You can prioritize your best leads and send them to your best reps. You can even send your best reps more leads than others. These settings can all be customized by list.

Does my lead response time matter?

Yes. The faster you follow up the more likely you are to convert that lead to an opportunity. Slow responses can cost you to lose deals to your competitors. See the data above under “What is Speed-to-Lead?”

How does lead routing help with lead generation?

If your marketing strategy is to generate leads, you need to make the most of them or you are wasting money and marketing efforts. When high value leads contact sales or submit a demo request, you need to make the most of them.

What metrics should I measure?

Time of lead creation, time of first contact, speed to lead, conversion from lead to opportunity, lead source, cost to acquire, and lifetime value of each lead.

What are common ways to route MQLs to the right sales representatives?

Here are some common ways to route inbound leads to improve lead conversion. Company size, location, industry, language, company revenue, and many more based on your ideal customer profile.

Will AutoReach replace my phone system?

AutoReach supplements your existing phone system through our integrations with leading telephony providers.

Connect with the tools you rely on every day

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    Automated Dialing in Salesforce or by CSV (Power, Preview, and Blended modes)

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    Scheduled Callbacks

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    Reporting in Salesforce or by CSV export

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    DNC List Management

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    Voicemail Drop*

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    Local Presence*

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    24/5 Email Support

* Depends on partner capabilities

Campaign Management

  • All items in the Professional Plan

  • AutoReach CRM

  • Unlimited Custom Fields

  • CSV Visual Importer

  • Dynamic and Static Lists

  • Skills-based routing

  • Cadences

  • Dispositions*

  • AutoReach Insights Add-on

* Depends on partner capabilities

Campaign Management

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    All items in the Standard Plan

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    Pre-built CRM integrations and Open APIs

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    Dynamic Lead Routing

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    Dashboards and Leaderboards

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    DNC.com Integration

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    Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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    AutoReach Insights Add-on

* Depends on partner capabilities

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