Best Predictive Dialer (2023 reviews & comparisons)

A review of the top predictive dialers

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June 29, 2023

In today’s competitive business environment, having the right predictive dialer solution provides your call center and sales teams with the key to success. A predictive dialer can help streamline your operations and reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. 

In this article, we’ll review some of the best predictive dialers to help you determine the best platform for your business.

What Is Predictive Dialer Software?

A predictive dialer is automated software assisting businesses in managing their outbound calls. Predictive dialers increase the efficiency of call centers by eliminating manual processes, such as manually dialing numbers and transferring calls, and by automatically finding the best available line for each call. 

When a predictive dialer is used, it automatically scans a contact list of customers or prospects. It has a “smart” algorithm that determines the best time for an agent to make a call, and then places the call ahead of time to minimize downtime. 

If a lead doesn’t answer the call, the system quickly moves to the next lead. Answered calls are routed to the next available agent, guaranteeing a more productive talk time and better agent performance.

Predictive dialers can help businesses streamline their calling operations, reduce agent idle time, and maintain compliance with applicable laws.

Benefits Of Predictive Dialer Software

Some of the benefits of a predictive dialer include:

Faster Outbound Calling

Predictive dialers use sophisticated algorithms and automation to make outbound calling more efficient and effective. This can help your staff save time by automatically dialing numbers and connecting customer calls faster than if they were to do it manually.

Increased Contact Rates

With a predictive dialer, you can increase the number of contacts your team makes in less time. This is possible because the dialer can automatically call multiple numbers simultaneously and quickly filter out non-contactable numbers. This drastically reduces the amount of time needed to make contact with customers.

Improved Lead Generation

Predictive dialers can help you increase lead generation by automating customer information gathering. You can use it to track contacts, filter leads based on criteria, and perform follow-up tasks such as scheduling callbacks or sending emails. This makes it easier for your team to stay organized and reach more potential customers.

Better Queue Prioritization

Predictive dialers can also help you prioritize your calling queues. The software can analyze customer data to identify which contacts are more likely to be converted. This way, your team can prioritize those contacts first and receive better results with their outreach efforts.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Predictive Dialer Software

Consider the following factors when choosing the best predictive dialer software:

Productivity Features

Productivity is the fuel that powers any business. The goal is to make sure that the predictive dialer software you choose helps you maximize productivity and increase the effectiveness of your team’s call campaigns. Look for features that enable you to easily manage call lists, record calls for later review, and track the progress of ongoing campaigns.

Scalability And Flexibility

Choose a predictive dialer software that will scale with your business. As your organization grows, you must ensure the platform can handle additional users and workloads without experiencing slowdowns or disruptions. Additionally, look for features that enable user customization so you can tailor the system to fit your team’s needs.


The last thing you want is to invest in a system that can’t properly integrate with your existing software or hardware. Ensure the dialer you select can interface with other platforms, whether customer relationship management (CRM) software or telecom systems.

Multiple Campaign Management

A predictive dialer should also enable you to manage multiple campaigns at once, allowing you to quickly switch between different calling lists and message scripts. This feature makes it easier for your team to update their outreach efforts as needed.

The Best Predictive Dialer Reviews

Here is a comprehensive predictive dialer reviews list to help you choose the best software for your needs.

1. AutoReach

Autoreach is a revolutionary predictive dialer. It helps businesses maximize their telemarketer performance and sales. This software uses advanced algorithms to dial numbers in a sequence optimized for efficiency and accuracy.

AutoReach has a simple user interface, making it easy for your outbound sales and customer service teams to use. 

It has a smart campaign design feature allowing you to easily set up and adjust campaigns for specific goals. The predictive dialer also integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Hubspot.

Main Features

  • Skill-based routing: AutoReach allows routing calls to agents based on their skill level or experience. This ensures that each customer gets the best possible assistance from an agent qualified to handle their call.
  • Dynamic and static lists: Configure AutoReach to call from static and dynamic lists. This allows for a customizable approach to calling that fits the needs of each business.
  • Real-time analytics: AutoReach provides powerful analytical tools so companies can track performance in real-time.
  • Campaign management: AutoReach allows users to create and manage campaigns quickly and easily. You can do this by selecting lists, setting up campaigns, and using the powerful scripting engine for customized conversations.
  • Cadence and broadcast SMS: AutoReach allows businesses to set up cadence and broadcast SMS, ensuring that customers receive messages at the right time and in the proper context.

2. Dialpad

Dialpad is an AI-powered predictive dialer that helps sales teams streamline customer interactions. This dialer features a sophisticated algorithm that maximizes close rates and minimizes wasted time. 

You can customize it to match any team’s goals, such as increasing customer response or improving lead conversion rates.

Main Features

  • AI voice: The AI voice feature allows for natural-sounding conversations between callers and customers. Dialpad’s AI voice can recognize customer responses, adjust the tone and pitch of conversations accordingly, and even detect when a customer isn’t interested in continued contact.
  • Intelligent routing: This software automatically routes calls to the best-suited agent on the team. It takes into account customer data, such as location and past interactions. It helps match customers with agents having suitable skills for their needs.
  • Live monitoring: Live monitoring lets supervisors monitor calls in real-time. They can listen in on conversations between agents and customers, adjust the conversation as needed, and provide feedback.
  • Integrated reporting: Predictive dialers have integrated reporting features that give managers a snapshot of performance metrics, such as call volumes, average talk times, and agent productivity. They can use this data to measure success and make necessary adjustments.
  • Call blending: This feature combines automated dialing, manual dialing, and callback requests into one system for maximum efficiency. Not only does call blending improve contact rates, but it also reduces wait times for customers and increases agent productivity.

3. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a leading predictive dialer that helps businesses make the most of customer interactions. It provides all the features and tools you need to manage contacts, set up campaigns, gain insights, and optimize performance. The platform has been specifically designed for teams of any size or complexity to simplify lead management.

Main Features

  • Omnichannel engagement: Talkdesk provides complete omnichannel support with integrated voice, SMS, and email channels. You can also set up automated processes and custom IVR for better customer service.
  • Advanced routing: This predictive dialer enables businesses to create efficient and personalized routing for inbound calls, outbound campaigns, and more. It helps you prioritize incoming calls for better customer service.
  • Data-driven insights: Gain access to real-time data and analytics to help your business make informed decisions about your operations. You can also track performance and identify trends.
  • AI-powered features: This predictive dialer offers a range of AI-powered elements, such as sentiment analysis, call scoring, and automatic lead qualification. These tools help businesses better understand customer needs and personalize their engagement strategies.

4. LeadDesk

LeadDesk is a cloud-based contact center software offering extensive features, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. From call routing and automated dialing to integrating with CRM solutions, LeadDesk provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you maximize the efficiency and productivity of your outbound campaigns.

Main Features

  • Reporting: Access a comprehensive set of reports to track key metrics and performance.
  • Call routing: LeadDesk offers advanced call routing capabilities, allowing you to route calls according to geographical location or customer preferences.
  • Automated dialing: The predictive dialer system automatically adjusts the number of lines used to minimize customer wait times.
  • CRM integration: LeadDesk integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Google Analytics to streamline operations and boost productivity.
  • Analytics and AI: With predictive analytics and AI-driven insights, you can make informed decisions about your outbound campaigns.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral offers a comprehensive, cloud-based contact center solution that streamlines the process of calling and connecting with customers. The platform allows you to automate customer outreach through its predictive dialer, enabling your team to communicate with prospects more quickly and efficiently.

Main Features

  • Interactive voice response (IVR): RingCentral’s IVR feature allows customers to automatically route their calls with simple menus. This feature streamlines customer service, eliminates the need for manual call routing, and provides a more personalized experience.
  • Click-to-call capabilities: With click-to-call features, agents can quickly connect with customers at the press of a button. This eliminates manual dialing, making reaching out and connecting with customers easy.
  • Call delegation: Agents can easily share calls with teammates or other departments using the call delegation feature. They can delegate tasks quickly and efficiently, improving customer service.
  • Analytics: RingCentral’s predictive dialer comes with built-in analytics that can be used to monitor and measure performance. Agents can review key performance metrics like call time, hold times, customer satisfaction scores, etc. They can also quickly identify areas of improvement and take corrective action, ensuring a better overall customer experience.

6. 3CLogic

3CLogic dialer suite offers customers an easy-to-use, powerful predictive dialing system. The feature-rich solution is designed to provide the best possible customer experience while driving efficiency and cost savings.

Main Features

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Automatically routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent based on customer requirements.
  • Real-time monitoring: Allows supervisors to monitor agents in real-time and provide feedback as needed.
  • Call blending: Combines outbound, inbound, and blended call queues into one system for maximum efficiency.
  • Multi-lingual compatibility: Supports multi-language support for global customers.
  • Integration services: Integrate with popular CRM, ERP, and accounting systems for a seamless customer journey.
  • Advanced Reporting: Get insights into performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction with real-time reporting tools.
  • IVR system: Automate repetitive tasks and improve customer experience by creating automated messages and menus.

7. Voxco

Integrated with a unified platform, Voxco allows agents to make and receive calls from any device or location within a single interface. Agents can also transfer and escalate conversations while preserving the context of the conversation.

This cutting-edge technology allows for real-time analysis of customer interactions, providing critical insights into agent performance and customer satisfaction. The analytics platform enables agents to quickly identify areas of improvement and make process changes to enhance efficiency.

Main Features

  • Automated dialing: Voxco uses algorithms to quickly identify prospects and initiate outbound calls. This eliminates manual tasks, significantly reducing time-to-connect and increasing productivity.
  • Lead management: Automated lead management allows agents to prioritize calls according to predefined criteria, such as call routing, prioritization, and scheduling.
  • Server virtualization support: This predictive dialer leverage server virtualization to enable agents to work remotely. This ensures business continuity and allows for effective workforce management.
  • Live audio/call monitoring and whisper mode: Voxco predictive dialer provides real-time audio monitoring and whisper mode, which enables supervisors to offer guidance to agents without the customer being aware of it.
  • Integration with CRM: Predictive dialers can be easily integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This allows agents to access data quickly and accurately to provide superior customer service.

8. NICE inContact

NICE inContact is a cloud-based predictive dialer developed to help businesses increase their efficiency and productivity. The dialer has a built-in CRM integration, making it easy to organize customer data and leads while providing automated call routing capabilities for more efficient customer service. 

NICE inContact also includes advanced analytics features which enable businesses to measure metrics like average wait time, conversion rates, and call abandonment.

Main Features

  • Omnichannel contact: Leverage multiple channels to reach customers, whether voice, email, SMS, or social media.
  • Call routing: Automatically route calls based on customer needs and preferences.
  • Real-time analytics: Measure the performance of agent teams with real-time analytics and adjust resources accordingly.
  • Intelligent call routing: Route calls to the most appropriate agent based on customer preferences and the complexity of each call.
  • Campaign management: This automated software creates, manages, and monitors your campaign more effectively.

9. Convoso

Convoso is an AI-powered predictive dialer and customer engagement platform that businesses use to deliver intelligent, personalized customer interactions. It allows agents to focus on conversations rather than dialing, which increases efficiency. 

With Convoso’s predictive analytics and built-in CRM features, you can ensure that each call is made with the most up-to-date customer information.

Main Features

  • Dynamic scripting: Convoso’s dynamic scripting feature allows agents to deliver tailored conversations based on customer input. This ensures that customers receive the most relevant information and offers.
  • Real-time analytics: With real-time analytics, you can monitor and analyze calling trends, caller behavior, outcomes of calls, and more. This provides valuable insights into customer engagement and helps improve call handling.
  • List management: These predictive dialers provide sophisticated list management tools that allow you to segment customers by demographics, preferences, and more. This helps agents quickly identify the best prospects for each call.
  • Skill-based routing: Skill-based routing allows agents to automatically route to the best customer for each call. This ensures that customers are connected with the most suitable agent, increasing conversion rates and reducing costs.

10. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud CX is a cloud-based predictive dialer that provides efficient and accurate customer service. With this powerful dialer, customers can receive quicker and more personalized responses to their inquiries.

Main Features

  • Auto redial: Genesys Cloud CX’s auto redial feature allows agents to quickly attempt customer calls and identify when there is no response.
  • Call recording: Agents can record customer conversations for quality assurance and training.
  • Call history review: Customer data can be quickly pulled up to review prior discussions, saving time and effort when addressing customer inquiries.
  • Real-time monitoring: With the real-time monitoring feature, you can access in-depth reports showing agent performance and overall team efficiency.
  • Integration options: Easily integrate with existing CRM and other communication platforms for a seamless experience.

Bottom Line

With so many call center software features and platforms to look at, finding the best predictive dialer for your business can be an uphill task. Luckily, AutoReach is perfect for many businesses thanks to its powerful features, outstanding customer service, and reasonable pricing. Start your free trial now!

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