Why Cold Calling Isn't Dead

Old school cold calling is dead. But new cold calling is here to stay!

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December 6, 2023

Nothing plays as big a part in call center history as cold calling. The cold-calling sales technique has been around since the 1980s, around about the same time the term ‘call center’ was coined. 

But a lot has happened to change the call center landscape since then. This has led many businesses to wonder if cold calling is still relevant. So, does cold calling work as well as it used to, or is cold calling dead?

In this article, we’ll delve into what cold calling means today and how to measure its success in your outbound call campaigns. If you want to know what cold calls can offer your business, read on.

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Cold calling isn’t dead. It’s as alive and full of promise as it ever was. Cold calls can be even more effective now than when they first became popular as a sales technique decades ago. 

Part of the reason is that over the years, call centers have honed their training techniques and learned from their experiences. Another reason is that customers are now familiar with this practice and have come to accept it as part of the sales environment.

But the main reason cold calls are so effective today is new technology. These technological advances were not yet on offer when cold calling was first introduced. And this is what has made the biggest difference to cold-calling success.

How Technology Has Boosted Cold Calling Success

How has technology made such a difference? The latest automated dialers, particularly the predictive dialer, are the key.

  • Using predictive dialers for cold calls gives you the edge because they increase call volumes. This boosts productivity and efficiency, unlike any other automated dialer before them. A predictive dialer’s statistical algorithms set the right dialing pace for maximum call agent utilization.
  • If you’re looking for the best call center software for multiple call campaigns, you can't beat the predictive parallel dialer. Now you can run multiple cold-calling campaigns simultaneously and in parallel, despite different call lists and CRMs. It’s the best path to cold-calling productivity. 
  • Cold calling is just as relevant now as it was years ago, but you need to adapt it to current work models. Do your call agents work remotely? That’s not a problem with a virtual predictive dialer. Now your dedicated staff can work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Why Cold Calls Are Frequently More Effective Than Cold Emails

With the latest software for call center use, cold calls can skyrocket your outreach and sales. But what about other forms of marketing? Cold emails do the job, but they aren’t as effective as cold calls. The reason for this lies in their different approaches.

Cold Mail vs. Cold Calls 

Cold emails rely on prospective customers opening and reading them. Most of these emails just end up in spam or junk mail folders. 

Cold calls establish a direct line to the prospect. This allows the agent to build rapport with the person they are pitching to.

Cold Call Metrics You Should Measure

The outbound call center is a demanding environment. How can you know if your outbound sales strategy is truly effective? 

There are several outbound call center performance metrics you can track to gauge your call center efficiency. Want to know how to measure the impact of your cold calls? Here are the top metrics to keep your eye on:

Dials Per Hour

Cold-calling campaigns rely on high volumes of calls. How many leads were contacted during the average business hour? The dials per hour metric shows you how effective your dialer is. If this number is lagging, it may be time to consider a dialer that uses algorithms to set the optimal dialing rate.

Contact Rate

The contact rate metric measures the total number of live calls made that moved to the next step of your sales funnel. Are your dial-per-hour metrics high but your contact rates low? You may need to work on your lead generation, or perhaps you need a dialer that will skip over non-live calls.

First Call Close Rate

The first call close rate metric measures the number of cold calls that had deals closed by the end of that first call. This usually points to your agents’ skills. But when this metric is not impressive, it could be a sign they need more support, like an integrated CRM on-screen during the call. 

Cold Calling Best Practices

Here are a few tips for you to include in your training (and refresher courses) for call agents:

Each Number Dialed Is an Opportunity

Every number dialed is more than the next number on a to-do list. It's an opportunity for a conversation. And every conversation is an opportunity for a sale. Be as excited to make that last call of the day as you were about the first.

Every Connection Leads to Connection

When an agent is connected to a live customer, they need to remember to make a connection. Build rapport with the person on the other end of the line. Don’t jump straight into a pitch. Greet the prospect warmly and establish a connection with them.

Address the Customer’s Pain Points

Inevitably, some customers will have objections. They’ve tried similar products, and they’ve been let down. This is common in the cold-calling scenario. Instead of being disheartened by their objections, address their pain points. What needs weren’t being met by competitors? Listen to their needs. Provide solutions.

How to Improve Your Cold Calling Success Rates

No matter how talented or experienced your call agents are, there’s always room for improvement.

Give Your Agents the Support They Need

Confidence is essential for any cold call. When your tele-agent speaks with conviction, the prospect will be confident about choosing your product or service. A dialer with built-in CRM will display all the information they need for every lead at the start of the call. This will allow them to confidently close deals.

Reduce the Burden on Your Staff While Maximizing Efficiency

When your dialer relies on statistical data and algorithms to set the dialing parameters, your staff will never feel overwhelmed. You’ll make the most of the staff you have and boost your cold call rates without your agents burning out.

Make Every Cold Call a Live Call

Not every number dialed will lead to a live person. This can waste agents' time and lead to frustration. With a dialer that skips over busy tones and calls that go to voicemail, this isn’t an issue. Now every call is a live call and a chance to make a sale.

Why Cold Calling Is Necessary

Does cold calling work? Yes, it does. But with all the alternative options for sales and marketing nowadays, is it still necessary? We believe it is.

There will always be a place for cold calls. In a time when many companies are relying on cold emails or other forms of digital marketing, cold calls give you the edge. They establish a real, live connection with leads.

How Does Cold Calling Benefit Outbound Sales Calls?

With cold calls, you know right away if that lead is interested or not. There’s no waiting around to measure the success of your pitches. Prospective customers appreciate that human connection. It creates a bond that doesn’t exist with other methods of communication.

Are cold calls always successful? No, there will be times when cold calls fail. You won’t have a 100% success rate. But with the right attitude, the proper technique, and the best call center software, cold calls can help you beat the odds.


So, is cold calling dead? No, it’s still very much alive! And what’s more, it’s one of the top sales techniques that drives results. But you need to know the secret.

The secret to outbound call success is to leverage the latest technologies to make your cold-calling campaigns effective. And at AutoReach, we’re all about innovation.

Leading call center companies agree that to harness the power of cold calls, you need the right dialer. Start your free AutoReach trial today and discover how cold calls can lead to hot prospects with the best automated dialing software.

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