Dialing into the Future: How Virtual Predictive Dialers are Reshaping Communications

why you need a virtual predictive dialer

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September 19, 2023

If your business operations are based on making large volumes of outbound calls, you need the right dialing software. But as technology progresses, more innovative dialers become available. The virtual predictive dialer is the one that will take your dialing into the future. 

This dialer has all the top features you’ve come to expect from the latest in calling software. And it allows you to operate your business anywhere, with call agents across the globe. It doesn’t even require any special hardware; instead, it is cloud-based. 

Interestingly, research indicates that 36% of call centers now use cloud technology, with these cloud-based call centers reporting 27% less downtime. Keep reading to learn how virtual predictive dialers are reshaping communications.

What is a Virtual Predictive Dialer?

A virtual predictive dialer is a type of predictive dialer, so let’s first do a recap of what that is. 

A predictive dialer, like the innovative predictive dialer here at AutoReach, is an automated dialer that uses algorithms to predict when to place a call. Even though an agent may still be on a call, they will be free to take that next call by the time it is answered.

A virtual predictive dialer offers all the top benefits of predictive dialers but takes this one step further. It allows the agent to work anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. It therefore allows agents to work fully remotely.

Which Businesses Can Use a Virtual Predictive Dialer?

If your business revolves around large volumes of outbound calls for telemarketing, telesales, or even customer service callbacks, a predictive dialer is ideal. Predictive dialer reviews show that it has enhanced the performance of teams across many industries. 

And a virtual predictive dialer is even better for certain work environments. 

It’s the perfect call center software for those outbound call centers and outreach centers with hybrid (a mix of remote and in-office workers) or even fully remote teams. This allows any outbound call-oriented business to become truly international, and hire employees worldwide.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Predictive Dialer

A virtual predictive dialer offers several advantages that are vital to the success of any outbound call center business.

Increased Agent Productivity

A virtual predictive dialer can predict the right moment to place a call before an agent is even free. It then routes the call, once answered, to the first available live agent. It can also make multiple calls simultaneously. This increases agent utilization, as well as the productivity of each and every call agent.

Reduced Idle Time 

In a business where every call counts, every second counts. A virtual predictive dialer dials each successive number on the contact list automatically, with an accuracy that agents can’t match. This reduces the idle time between calls and the dialing errors that often accompany manual dialing. 

Higher Call Volumes

Virtual predictive dialers also have the advantage of higher call volumes. They dial with greater speed than human hands, dialing manually. This means agents get to make more calls in a shorter period of time. In a telesales environment, this is particularly important, as more calls can equal more sales. 

Improved Customer Reach

A virtual predictive dialer skips over unanswered calls, busy numbers, or calls that redirect to voicemail. This means your agents will connect with more people during every shift, rather than wasting time on calls that don’t get answered. Therefore, it improves potential customer reach.

Work From Anywhere

While all of the above advantages apply to all predictive dialers, not only virtual ones, this advantage is exclusive to them. A virtual predictive dialer, because it needs only an internet connection, allows your call agents to work from anywhere, anytime.

Components of a Virtual Predictive Dialer System

A virtual dialer relies on the following components to offer the advantages it does.


A predictive dialer leverages AI and algorithms to predict when to place a call. This is thanks to its analysis of a combination of factors, including agent performance metrics. Based on the typical average duration of calls at your call center, it will forecast when, statistically, further calls should be made. 

It then develops a call pacing algorithm to predict when a call agent will be free and modifies the dialing rate accordingly. This system ensures that agents are only connected to calls with live leads, and customers are not kept waiting for an agent to become available.

Automated Dialer

Using a modem and special software, a computer can be programmed to automatically dial numbers from your lead contact list. It does this with great speed and accuracy. A virtual or online predictive dialer can be used without any extra hardware, outside of the traditional call center environment.

The agent will be able to converse with customers via a headset or the integrated microphone and speaker of their own computer. It does not matter what the customer is using for the call, as the call is outbound and initiated by the agent.

Call Progress Analysis (CPA) / Call Progress Detection (CPD) / Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Call Progress Analysis (CPA), Call Progress Detection (CPD), and Answering Machine Detection (AMD) are generic terms used in the industry for the various forms of call analysis taking place when a dialed number connects.  

It uses signal processing algorithms that differentiate between human speech and automated speech, such as beeps or tones. It can therefore detect if a call is answered by a customer, or routed to a fax, answering machine, or voicemail message. 

This allows the predictive dialer to skip over such calls so that the agent only speaks directly to an actual lead.

List Management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Thanks to the list management feature, a list of contact numbers for your leads and prospects can be uploaded to the virtual predictive dialer. It manages this list and can be programmed to skip over certain numbers or mark them for further calling attempts if earlier tries are unsuccessful.

CRM integration allows seamless data flow between your existing customer relationship management system and your predictive dialer system. It offers agents access to critical customer information in real-time, improving their ease of interaction with the customer as well as the customer’s experience.

Call Recording

Call recording is a feature that records a call digitally from beginning to end, along with details such as the agent and customer names, customer numbers, and the date/time of the call. While it isn’t necessary for the virtual predictive dialer to work, it has several benefits after the call has taken place. 

For one, recorded calls can be analyzed and used to structure training resources for new telemarketing, telesales, and customer outreach agents. It’s also useful should any issues arise later, such as a customer complaint, when you need to know what was said in their interaction with a particular agent.

Analytics And Reporting 

Analytics and Reporting are other features that provide your business with the feedback needed to streamline your service. Important outbound call center performance metrics are available to you with just a few clicks and can be used to determine where improvements need to be made.

Call durations/ numbers of calls per agent will give you valuable insight into your most and least productive agents and departments.


A predictive dialer is a perfect solution for outbound call businesses. And if you want to take your dialing into the future, you can’t go wrong with a virtual predictive dialer. However, there are many types of dialing software, each with unique features that can boost your outbound call experience. 

Here at AutoReach, we offer the features you need for a professional outbound call center service. To discover what they can do for your business, start your free trial today.

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