The Future of Outbound Calling: A Deep Dive into Parallel Dialer Solutions

Everything you need to know about parallel dialers

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July 17, 2023

Dialing software is an essential part of any outbound call center. But what few businesses outside of this niche realize is that there are many types of dialer software, and they’re constantly evolving. The future of outbound calling is alive with new possibilities, and one of those new advances is the parallel dialer.

So, what exactly is a parallel dialer, how does it work, and is it the right call software for your business?  We have all the answers right here. Join us as we take a deep dive into parallel dialer solutions and discover the facts about this innovative technology. 

What Is Parallel Dialing?

Parallel dialers are the next logical step after the emergence of the predictive dialer. Although they’re essentially the same technology as predictive dialing software, a parallel dialer will take you one step further. 

A great predictive dialer, like our brand new AutoReach Predictive Dialer, automatically dials numbers, relying on algorithms to know when an agent will be available. A parallel predictive dialer does this too but can be customized to handle multiple dialing campaigns at once. 

Because it can be set to the specific CRM parameters of each campaign, it offers you the opportunity to run these dialing campaigns parallel to each other. 

The Benefits of Parallel Dialers

Predictive parallel dialers offer:

  • The latest technology in calling software
  • Statistical algorithms based on past call data
  • Machine learning capabilities
  • Multiple calls placed simultaneously
  • Higher call volumes/more opportunities to make sales
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Parallel campaigns with their own respective CRM profiles

What To Consider In Choosing Your Parallel Dialing Technology

When choosing your parallel dialing technology, you must consider what you’re looking for in your dialing software.

  1. Are you simply looking for increased efficiency through automation? 

Any dialer software can give you that, but predictive and parallel dialers increase efficiency even more. They can detect the right moment to start dialing the next number, even before the event is free. This means hitting those call targets is now easier than ever.

  1. Maybe you’re scaling your business, and need a dialer to grow your customer base with you. 

When your business grows, so does your potential call list. And with that, comes the need for more calls, and less idle time. Parallel predictive dialers are the epitome of efficiency, and will greatly increase your call volumes.

  1. Perhaps you’re planning to launch multiple telemarketing campaigns?

When you’re dealing with very high call targets and trying to decide between a predictive vs. progressive dialer, there’s no contest. And a parallel dialer allows even higher targets to be met.

A predictive dialer can detect when call agents will be free and dial more numbers accordingly. And when multiple concurrent telemarketing campaigns are on the cards, a parallel predictive dialer will handle all these calls simultaneously.

How Big A Factor Is Cost?

There’s no avoiding the subject of cost. You have a budget that you’re working with, and that will play a role in the software you choose.

The cost of predictive dialer and parallel dialer software will be higher than for a simple auto or power dialer. But they promise several benefits that simpler dialer software packages don’t offer. 

Does it cost more than basic dialer software? Yes, it generally does. Although this can also be affected by the number of phone lines required and regular system updates, when you consider the extra benefits, can you afford not to get it? 

A parallel dialer is an investment in the future of your outbound call success. 

What Happens When Two People Pick Up At The Same Time?

In our research, we’ve come across a common question about parallel dialing. So, let’s address that issue now. The question is, “What happens when two people pick up at the same time?” 

This shouldn’t be an issue, however, and we’ll show you why by explaining how parallel dialing software works. 

How It Works

According to the number of simultaneous calls you've set, the parallel dialer will dial multiple numbers at once. 

As soon as a particular agent becomes available and takes a call, the CRM information for that interaction is displayed on the screen. They can get straight into their pitch, while other calls are routed to other agents.

If the software detects that no agents will be free in time for the moment, it pauses dialing until it predicts an agent will be free again. So no one is left hanging without an agent to talk to. And no agent is unprepared for the call at hand.

What's The Difference Between Parallel And Power Dialers?

The main difference between parallel and power dialers is the number of calls that can be made at any given time. 

While the power dialer dials one number at a time, the parallel dialer is capable of calling multiple lines at once. And much like the comparison between a power dialer vs. a predictive dialer, the power dialer doesn’t rely on AI technology or algorithms to determine when agents are free, whereas parallel dialers do.

Another difference echoes that of a predictive dialer vs. an autodialer. While an autodialer calls numbers based on your predetermined call rate, a predictive or parallel dialer uses statistical algorithms to determine when to dial more numbers. 

What Kind Of Business Benefits From A Parallel Predictive Dialer?

A parallel predictive dialer comes with many advantages, but some businesses will gain more from it than others. 

Our industry studies have shown that larger outbound call centers, companies that are actively scaling their businesses, and very fast-paced outbound call environments benefit the most. 

These businesses need automated dialing software that can handle large call volumes, be adapted to their growing needs, and run several call campaigns simultaneously. Does your business match one of the above descriptions? It may be time to consider investing in parallel dialer software.

Not quite there yet, but growing at a steady rate? A predictive dialer can set you on the path to success. In time, as your staff complement and call volumes evolve, so too will your dialing software needs. 

That’s when a parallel dialer will be of great use to you to improve your outbound call performance.

How Do I Change The Number Of Parallel Calls?

Like most other dialing software, parallel dialer software is simple to use. And yes, you can change the number of parallel calls as you see fit. In the on-screen dashboard, you’ll see a drop-down in the menu sidebar where you can easily change the number of parallel calls allowed. 

This means your agents can adapt the call volume as the need arises, which makes parallel dialers very versatile tools for your peak and off-peak call times. 

A parallel predictive dialer relies on AL technology, but ultimately, you are in control. It can be programmed to work within the limitations of your unique business environment and adapted as your customer base and call volumes grow.

Can I Change The Parallel Number While Calling?

Yes, you can change the number of parallel calls allowed during calls. 

Like any business, a call center is in a continuous state of flux. There will be times when you’re understaffed or are experiencing longer calls than usual. Every campaign is unique and also brings its own set of challenges.

You can access the parallel call drop-down (see above) at any time, even while it’s dialing or you’re on a call. This gives your agents the peace of mind that they’ll never be overwhelmed by the workload, with too many calls to answer. And they can focus on giving each call the effort it deserves.

Final Thoughts On Parallel Dialers

Parallel dialers increase your call volume and diversify your outbound call campaigns, all while simplifying the entire process for your valued call center agents. Parallel predictive dialers are the future of outbound calling, and we have the experience and expertise to take you into that future. 

Autoreach is a leading provider of intelligent outbound dialer software. Together with our trusted industry-leading telephony partners, we’ve helped countless companies reach their goals. We can do the same for you. Start your free trial today.

Parallel Dialer FAQ

How Many Calls Can A Parallel Dialer Make At Once?

A parallel dialer can be set to make two, four, six, eight, or even ten calls at a time. This can be adapted to your availability of agents and the number of call campaigns you’re running.

Is A Parallel Dialer The Same As A Predictive Dialer?

A parallel dialer is a predictive dialer, but the focus isn’t the same. A predictive dialer aligns with the predicted number of available agents, whereas a parallel dialer runs different call campaigns simultaneously if needed, in parallel and relative to the number of available agents.

Will A Parallel Dialer Help Me Make More Sales?

A parallel dialer, like any dialing software, is capable of boosting your call volumes and your potential sales. It is a tool that helps your call agents do their jobs even faster and better.

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