Predictive Dialer vs. Auto Dialer: Which Is Best for Your Business?

How to choose the right dialer for your needs

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June 29, 2023

In the extremely fast-paced and competitive outbound call center market, there is one thing no one can deny: the companies with the best telephony software have the edge. But with so many types of dialers being promoted online, it can become quite confusing to know the difference between them. 

It’s even more difficult to know which one is just right for you and your staff. To get to the bottom of what the differences are between a predictive dialer vs. autodialer, we compiled this short guide. We’re here to help you fulfill your outbound dialer needs with confidence.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Cold calling isn’t dead. Sometimes it just needs a new lease on life with some innovative new dialer features. That’s why predictive dialers have made such an impact, and they’re only becoming more popular by the day.

A predictive dialer is a smart solution to the common problem of outbound call centers worldwide. It prevents agents from wasting time on calls that go straight to voicemail or an answering machine. Instead, it will record a message for the customer. 

A predictive dialer uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically place calls. It’s earned its name thanks to its ability to predict when an agent will be free to take a call, dialing the next number just at the right time.

Predictive dialers also monitor metrics like call answering rates and call durations to better predict the best time to make calls in the future.

What is an Auto Dialer?

As you’ll see from a glance at the AutoReach home page, an auto dialer allows your agents to make more calls in less time. 

That means they can close more deals, which not only improves your sales figures but also employee morale. Your entire business enjoys the benefits! No wonder then that it is regarded as one of the top ways to increase your outbound call center’s performance.

An auto dialer will automatically dial numbers in your database. It can play a recorded message tailor-made for your business’s products or services. Of course, it can move through a list of numbers and dial them far quicker than any human does, which is why it’s such an invaluable aid to your teleagents. 

Features and Benefits of Predictive Dialers and Auto Dialers

When looking at an autodialer vs. a predictive dialer, there are quite a few similarities, the biggest being the automatic playing of calls. But each has unique features and benefits. Deciding which one is ideal for you will depend on which of these features and benefits are most helpful to your business. 

Predictive Dialer

The increase in revenue you'll experience by using this dialer frequently offsets the predictive dialer cost.

Too much time can be wasted on calls that lead nowhere. By trial and error, call agents learn the best times for making calls and how long it should take to close a deal. But with the AI features of predictive dialers, even new and less-experienced agents can be successful.

A predictive dialer can never replace the value that your trusted teleagents bring to the table. However, it helps them make the most of their inherent potential. If you want to take your team to the next level of efficiency, a predictive dialer is the best decision you can make for your business.


The best predictive dialer will offer the following features:

  • The latest advances in AI technology that predict patterns and trends
  • Live in-call recordings for service appraisal and future training purposes 
  • Data analysis and trend identification tools
  • Accurate reports on the metrics that matter
  • Seamless integration with all the top CRMs 

Why are these predictive dialer features so important for your business? 

By predicting call trends, you can target your particular audience more effectively. This is especially important in niche markets, where the odds are already stacked against you. The same can be said of very competitive markets, where analyzing patterns can give you the insights needed to get ahead.

CRM integration reduces the need for agents to look up customer information; it’s all done for them! The data analysis tools and report generation go hand-in-hand to give you (and any interested parties like shareholders) a clearer picture of your performance. And that in-depth knowledge is power.


Predictive dialers generally share the following benefits:

  • Less time wasted on undetected or unresponsive calls
  • Higher productivity
  • Data analysis that leads to improved call success rates

How will these benefits translate to bigger profits?

Less time wasted means more time to make calls and make sales. Higher productivity means more sales, too, but it also boosts company morale. It’s a win-win situation because employees with more confidence ultimately make more sales, too. 

Data analysis is one of the most popular catchphrases in business today, in virtually every industry. And it is well deserved because the data that your predictive dialer records and analyzes will help you make decisions affecting the growth of your company.

Ideal For

We have found that predictive dialers are well suited to medium-to-large businesses or those wishing to scale up. 

Businesses with large databases of leads to follow up on will reap the most benefit from predictive dialing software. This is why everyone from financial institutions to travel agencies is discovering what predictive dialing software can do for them.

Auto Dialer

Autodialers are an affordable solution for most business environments, and the increase in call volume makes the investment well worth it. 

The life of an outbound call agent has two sides. On the one hand, it can be very monotonous and repetitive. On the other hand, there are high degrees of stress and pressure. Your call agents must call high volumes of numbers in a short space of time, and they’re keenly aware that they need to deliver results.

An autodialer makes their job easier by dialing all those numbers for them. So that they can do what they do best: engage with the potential lead. It’s the best tool any outbound call agent can have, helping them to meet their quotas and even exceed their targets. 


The best auto dialer needs to have the following features:

  • CRM-friendliness
  • Instant scheduling of return calls
  • Incorporates short messaging services in SMS campaigns
  • Active call monitoring during live calls
  • Much faster dial times

Why do you need these auto dialer features? 

By allocating short messaging campaigns and call rescheduling to your autodialer software, your agents receive support in two ways. They don’t waste time on administrative tasks, and they can reach potential customers more effectively because unanswered calls are rescheduled for them.

Call monitoring benefits your team leaders by allowing them to have a comprehensive grasp of what’s going on during calls. These insights can be put to good use in future training sessions with new hires. It will also quickly highlight any issues that need to be resolved.


Auto dialers usually share the following benefits:

  • Less “dead time” between calls
  • More calls made per shift
  • Faster dialing than human hands are capable of
  • Possibility for integrated recordings to be played on calls

How will these benefits set you apart from other businesses that don’t have the best autodialers at their disposal? 

No matter what type of industry you’re in and regardless of your product or service, your time is a precious commodity. Anything that makes the best use of that time is a winning investment. 

It can be daunting to make your mark in the outbound call arena, especially if you lack the customer base and reputation of larger businesses. Autodialing software enables you to make the most of your resources and time with a much higher call volume at a relatively low cost.

Ideal For

Although medium-sized businesses are the most likely to invest in them, even small businesses can benefit from the use of autodialers. All businesses that need to boost their call volumes will be the most rewarded by auto-dialing software. 

Cold calling is never an easy road to sales, but with a powerful autodialer, that journey will be less arduous. With even a small workforce, you can improve your call volumes exponentially, leading to the kind of profits that make scaling up far easier. 

Final Thoughts On Predictive Dialers vs. Auto Dialers

In the comparison of a predictive dialer vs. an autodialer, you’ll see that each has distinct benefits. But both autodialers and predictive dialers save your agents time and increase their efficiency and productivity. And that means greater revenue for your business. 

Predictive dialers, powered by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, revolutionize outbound call centers by eliminating wasted time on unresponsive calls. On the other hand, auto dialers excel at increasing call volume and streamlining the workflow of outbound call agents.

At Autoreach, we’re so confident that our outbound call software will do the same for you that we offer a free trial using any one of six industry-leading telephony providers. Take advantage of this special offer right away, and you'll soon understand why some of the most cutting-edge businesses in the world rely on us.

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