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How to leverage a power dialer in your business

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August 9, 2023

The telesales environment is very challenging and often quite stressful, too. That’s why you can’t afford to overlook anything that helps your telesales agents reach their sales targets faster. And power dialer software is a great example of this. 

A power dialer will make a huge impact on your sales team’s performance, smashing those sales targets with very little setup or expense. Do you want to supercharge your sales? The first step is to master the power dialer! 

As experts in the dialing software industry, we’ve got the facts you need. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the various types of power dialers, their most important features, and their benefits for sales environments.

Definition of Power Dialers

 What is a power dialer, and what is power dialer software used for? 

You may already be familiar with the term ‘power dialer’. But for anyone new to the telesales or call center industry, here’s a quick definition:

A power dialer is an automatic dialing system that allows your salespeople to make phone calls without even lifting a finger. Its true power lies in the fact that it can dial numbers faster than human hands and, as soon as a call is completed, dial the next. 

But that’s not all it does. A power dialer can mean many things because there are different types to suit different business needs. We’ll get to exactly what those power dialer types are a bit later. First, let’s look at the three common benefits that they all share.

Benefits of Power Dialer Software

There are three main benefits to using power dialer software:

An effective power dialer allows your call agents to:

  • Dial each of the numbers on their contact lists more quickly
  • Get through the day’s call targets much faster and with less stress
  • Reduce the typical errors that creep in with manual dialing

Few other investments that you make in your sales division can consistently promise all these benefits. The good news is that power dialer software is really quick and easy to install, and it requires only minimal training. 

Types of Power Dialers

There’s no single solution when it comes to power dialing software. Power dialers can be as basic or advanced as you need them to be. That’s because there are different types of power dialers for different needs.

Every outbound call environment is unique and thus may need different things from their dialing software.  So, let’s examine some of the most popular power dialers on the market today and see just what each of them can do.

Auto Dialers

An auto dialer is the more basic level of power dialer software. With auto dialer software, numbers are dialed automatically, quickly, and efficiently. But when a call is answered, it usually plays a recorded message before routing the call to an agent.

This can be very useful, but using the same message for each answered call is a one-size-fits-all approach. If you’re involved in multiple sales or marketing campaigns or are using the dialer for more than one task, this won’t work out.

Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer is, essentially, a type of power dialer. But the main difference between an ordinary power dialer vs. predictive dialer is that a predictive dialer is enhanced by machine learning and algorithms. 

It not only dials numbers on behalf of your sales agents, but it also predicts when the best time to make the next call is. It does so before a live agent is even free yet, thanks to those all-important machine learning capabilities. 

Because predictive dialers rely on statistical algorithms, they can identify the best moment to place a call. By the time a potential customer answers the call, an agent is free to take the call. It also conveniently skips over all the unanswered calls, busy signals, and calls that go to a fax machine or voicemail service.

And as if all that were not impressive enough, predictive dialer software can dial multiple numbers simultaneously. You can set this simultaneous call number based on your call list and the number of call agents. It’s the most innovative power dialer software you can use, guaranteed to boost any outbound call center’s performance.

Progressive Dialers

Progressive dialers are another kind of power dialer that, much like the predictive dialer, can detect the best time to make a call. The main difference between these two power dialers is the frequency with which they do so.

A progressive dialer only dials and places a call the moment a live agent is free to take it. Whereas the predictive dialer dials multiple numbers ahead of time based on algorithms, the progressive dialer does not do this. 

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Features of Power Dialers

Your choice of power dialer may be any of the options above, but most power dialers offer a range of useful features.

Contact Lists

The days of call agents following a physical list and then dialing numbers manually are over. Power dialers let you import your contact lists for your sales and marketing campaigns and dial them automatically in succession. Adapt your contact lists regularly through integrations with your CRM platforms.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Power dialer software enables you to play pre-recorded messages that tell the customer about your product or service. Do you need different recordings for different situations? This is where the latest power dialers outshine simpler autodialers. 

Real-Time Agent Availability and Performance Monitoring

Your power dialer software can monitor agent availability and performance for later analysis and reporting. This helps you give accurate feedback to management and stakeholders and also make any changes necessary to streamline your team’s efficiency.

Credit Card Processing Capability

Some power dialers also allow you to accept customer payments while on a call with them. A credit card processing capability not only saves time but also enhances customer service. It works through the dialer’s software integration with your payment collection software. 

Calls Per Hour Tracking

The more calls your agents make per shift, the more they can do to make your business a success. You can keep a watchful eye on call volumes with calls-per-hour tracking. This helps you determine who’s getting more done, faster. But don’t forget to also check how many of those calls had a successful result!

Active Calls Monitoring

When you’re training new employees in an outbound call center, it’s a good idea to monitor their first few calls. You’ll quickly notice if they’ve got the hang of cold calling yet. Of course, you can also utilize this feature for ongoing quality control.

How To Choose A Power Dialer

By now, you should have a good idea of the type of power dialer that will best suit your business. But if you’re still unsure, here are a few tips for choosing a power dialer that works for you

  1. Determine Your Budget And Work With It

If you’re a small business or new to the call center industry, you may have a tight budget. That’s okay, there are power dialer software packages to suit every budget. But be realistic about affordability. 

Start with the power dialer package that best meets your financial situation. Scale up as the profits start to soar. And with the right power dialer software, they will. 

  1. Calculate Power Dialer Advantages vs Power Dialer Cost

If your budget is slightly more flexible, but you’re still uncertain about the investment, do the following. Calculate how many more potential sales you could make with up to four times the calls. 

You read that right. With an intelligent outbound power dialer, your salespeople can make up to 4x more calls! If even a fraction of those extra calls leads to sales, you’re making a good investment.

  1. Consider Your Workforce and Workload Size

Do you have a large workforce or a very large leads/customer base? The more telesales agents you have and the more calls they have to make, the more you need a reliable power dialer. 

The best choice for a large sales team with a heavy workload is a progressive or predictive power dialer. It will handle those larger call volumes and longer call lists with ease, in less time, and with greater accuracy. 

Benefits of Using Power Dialers for Sales Teams

We’ve covered the general benefits of power dialing software. We’ve examined the most common types of power dialers. And we’ve identified their best features. It’s clear that any outbound call center that’s serious about its business needs an effective power dialer. 

But how does this investment in power dialing software translate to supercharged sales? What are the specific advantages of using power dialers for sales teams? Here are our top 5 power dialer benefits specific to sales teams.

More Opportunities For Sales

More calls mean more deals are closed. It sounds rather obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s a fact that cannot be ignored. No agent, no matter how experienced or driven, can dial numbers as quickly as power dialer software can. The faster that calls get dialed, the more calls can be made - every hour of every day. 

This means your employees will enjoy a big increase in opportunities to sell your products or services. Your call volumes will increase exponentially with a power dialer. Just think of how many more sales you could have with such a small change to the way you do business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A positive call experience turns potential leads and prospects into guaranteed customers. Most of this boils down to the skills of your sales agents. However, the right power dialer can make their job a lot easier. 

With the ability to retrieve information from your integrated CRM, there’s no frantic scrambling for a customer’s information elsewhere. Everything they need is right there. This means they’re always ready, always prepared, and always equipped to close that next deal.

Fewer Errors That Lead To Missed Sales

There’s no denying that your employees are the backbone of your business. They are the wheels that keep the machine going. But human beings are not infallible. They make mistakes, they get flustered, and sometimes they dial the wrong numbers. 

Sadly, every small mistake can have a big impact because each missed opportunity is a potential sale that never happened. It also wastes something you can never get back. Time. Power dialers do away with all that, eliminating common workplace errors that cost you sales. 

Reach Sales Targets Faster

The natural spinoff of higher call volumes, greater accuracy, and an improved customer experience is that your sales teams will reach their sales targets faster. 

They won’t just reach those goals; they’ll exceed them in less time than ever before. That means bigger and better profits for the company, all for the low cost of a power dialer. It’s one of the most powerful investments you can make in your business.

Boosts Your Sales Agent’s Confidence

Here’s where things get particularly interesting: Thanks to all the advantages listed above, you’ll soon find that your sales agents work with greater confidence. 

As everyone in the business world knows, confidence is vital for sales. The more empowered your agents feel, the more success they’ll have on their sales calls. They will pitch with renewed enthusiasm, knowing they can rely on top-notch dialing software.

Final Thoughts

Have you been searching for the ultimate outbound call center solution to boost your productivity and efficiency? Are you keen to inspire and motivate your sales teams? Like other leading companies before you, you can do both by mastering the power dialer.

If you’re ready to amp up your telesales game, you’re in the right place. 

At AutoReach, we have the expertise and experience you can count on to get the best dialing software for your company’s needs. Start your free trial today and give your sales team the power to reach for the stars with a power dialer from AutoReach.

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