Choosing the Right Predictive Dialer: Features That Drive Results

Different features to consider when evaluating a predictive dialer

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October 25, 2023

Various industries have started reaping the benefits of AI and the list is getting longer by the day. The outbound calls industry is waking up to this game-changer, too. With a combo of reliable automation, machine learning, and algorithms, predictive dialers are the innovation that everyone’s talking about. 

But it’s the unique predictive dialer features that make them stand out from the crowd. So, how can you know which of these features makes a predictive dialer ideal for your business? After all, predictive dialers are known for their reliability and accuracy. 

There are various types of predictive dialers, with each one suited to a different type of outbound calls environment. Want to know more so you can make the right choice for your needs? By examining the innovative features that drive results, we created a guide to choosing the right predictive dialer.

What Is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers are not a new invention. They’ve been around a while, although they were first used by the banking and financial sectors. However, they’ve come a long way since the first predictive dialer hit the market.

Before we get stuck into how predictive dialer features meet modern industry needs, let’s do a quick overview of what this dialer is.  

A predictive dialer is an automated dialer that dials multiple numbers simultaneously, even ahead of live agents being free to take those calls. It does so based on data like agent availability and average call duration. This means that as soon as an agent is free, they have a call ready for them.

It screens out calls that go to voicemail or give a busy tone so that no time is wasted on calls that can’t lead to engagement and connection. However, no opportunity is lost, as these numbers can be rescheduled for a later time slot. 

Types of Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers can be further categorized into:

  • Standard predictive dialers
  • Parallel predictive dialers
  • Cloud-based/hosted predictive dialers

All predictive dialers have several features that make them a winner for your business. They can dial several numbers simultaneously, even before a live agent is free. They can integrate with your CRM for better call campaign management. They also skip over unanswerable or busy calls, including calls that go to voicemail.

Parallel predictive dialers, as the name suggests, can handle multiple call campaigns in parallel. Even if your various campaigns operate from vastly different lead lists, this is not a problem. You set the parameters for each campaign and can set the dialer to skip leads that don’t meet the campaign criteria.

Cloud predictive dialers, also known as hosted predictive dialers, have the best predictive dialer features of all. You can use them anywhere with an internet connection and no special hardware is required. A hosted predictive dialer turns any computer into a miniature outbound calls center. 

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

A predictive dialer takes automated dialing to a whole new level of efficiency. They can be standalone hardware devices, cloud-based, or integrated in software with call center or contact center platforms. Regardless of the one you use, you’ll have some pretty fantastic features at your disposal. 

But how does a predictive dialer work? 

Most of the predictive dialer features that people are raving about rely on AI, machine learning, and algorithms. Algorithms are the rules the predictive dialer follows to calculate the optimal dialing rate. They’re based on historical and real-time call data and agent availability. 

That’s not all you get with a predictive dialer, though. Some of the most useful predictive dialer features are Call Progress Analysis (CPA) and Answering Machine Detection (AMD). This ensures that agents are only connected to live calls.

Backed by Science, Predicting the Way Forward

Predictive dialer features, like the algorithms, are backed by science. Every predictive dialer feature is grounded in proven technology that will streamline your outbound call center’s processes. But predictive dialers don’t just predict how many calls to make and when to make them.

They also predict the way forward, with built-in features like data analytics and insights. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about your company’s staffing needs, performance targets, and overall scalability.

Game-Changing Predictive Dialer Features

These are the top predictive dialer features that are making waves in the call center industry:

Call Control/Call Pacing

Predictive dialers can monitor the number of lines in use, and adjust the outgoing call dialing pace to meet agent availability. Your call agents won’t have more calls than they can handle, and customers always have a live agent to talk to. 

This ratio of calls to agents dictates how many numbers are dilated simultaneously, and is called the call pacing ratio. This algorithm can be customized based on factors like average call durations.

Skill-Based Routing

During your busiest times, it’s a case of ‘all hands on deck’. But sometimes this approach doesn’t work, which calls for a more skills-based strategy. That’s why one of the most helpful predictive dialer features for a growing outbound calls team is skill-based call routing. 

This enables the dialer to route calls to the most skilled call agents based on customer needs, leading to higher customer engagement and satisfaction. This also allows you to maximize your most experienced and skilled agents for campaigns with higher demands.

Live Call Recordings

A good manager stays on top of what’s happening on the work floor. In a call center, that means keeping track of what’s being said during calls. No matter what type of calls these are - marketing drives, sales pitches, or customer service issues - you need to know how those conversations develop.

With live call recordings, you can monitor agent performance as well as collect customer feedback. It’s an invaluable tool for ensuring industry compliance, improving agent training, and providing better customer care.

CRM Integrations

Your employees can only work with the information available to them. It’s up to you to give them the best resources possible. And that includes predictive dialer features like CRM integrations. 

With third-party CRM integrations, you can store all your customer data in one place. Import your customer contact information, purchase history, and all other relevant data that makes your marketing campaigns easier. This also means your call agents will be better prepared for every call.

Campaign/Lead Management

You can create tailor-made call campaigns and manage them easily with campaign management. Monitor campaign performance metrics and use these as a guide when setting daily call targets. 

Some of the best predictive dialer features available on certain cloud predictive dialers are lead management tools. These help your employees identify leads, track their sales process progress, and schedule any necessary follow-up calls.


Much of your team’s time can be wasted by calls that go straight to voicemail, but that’s no longer a problem when you have predictive dialer features like Call Progress Analysis (CPA) or Answering Machine Detection (AMD). CPA and AMD use a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) algorithm that analyzes the voice stream on the other side of the line. 

It can detect modem or fax tones, and answering machines. It can also differentiate these from the sound of natural human speech. The predictive dialer automatically screens out calls not answered by a live human voice and does not route them to a live agent.

Why Should You Use a Predictive Dialer?

While it’s good to learn what predictive dialer features drive results, you may be unsure of why and how you should use a predictive dialer. Let’s first look at why you should use a predictive dialer instead of all the other automated dialers on the market.

Any automated dialer is going to make an impact on your outbound calls. It will reduce the dialing errors that come with manual dialing and dial numbers much faster than human hands can. This means you can place more outbound calls in less time and enjoy higher accuracy.

But predictive dialers go above and beyond these simple automation benefits. They offer even higher call volumes than any other automated dialers because they can dial multiple numbers simultaneously. And more calls means more potential sales on the way.

They also offer better agent utilization and even opportunities for running multiple campaigns concurrently. This is due to their algorithms setting a dialing pace that fits your needs. This call rate will adapt in real-time on days when calls take a little longer or you’re short-staffed.

If all these benefits of predictive dialers are not enough to excite you, you can also transition to a fully remote, virtual outbound calls center with an online predictive dialer. Now, you will have the luxury of choosing top talent from all over the world or allowing your staff to work from home when they have to.

How Should You Use a Predictive Dialer?

We understand that with benefits like these, you’re eager to get started. So, how should you use a predictive dialer in your own business? Which criteria should you look at when making your decision?

The secret to choosing the right predictive dialer for your business is to match the predictive dialer type to your business requirements. You should also factor in your future goals for the company. Let’s explain.

Make More Calls With Fewer Employees

A standard predictive dialer will maximize your potential if you’re a small company with minimal staff. By optimizing your agent availability, you’ll increase your call volumes without overworking your staff. It’s the simplest and most cost-effective measure for boosting your outbound call efficiency.

Run More Call Campaigns With Less Stress

Perhaps you’re a larger company running several outbound call campaigns simultaneously. That’s a sign of a thriving business, but you need a predictive dialer that will keep up. A parallel predictive dialer is a great option as it can run all your call campaigns in parallel.

Enjoy More Progress With Less Geographical Restrictions

Are you considering switching to a remote work model or a hybrid of in-center and remote staff? That’s not a problem when you have a virtual predictive dialer. Your remote-working call agents will be able to fulfill their duties from home or anywhere else they can get online.

Scale Your Business With Ease 

Every business owner eventually dreams of growing their business to its full potential. But you must scale your business before expanding into other territories. 

With the help of a predictive dialer, you can do that easily by streamlining your processes and optimizing your resources. Now your business can enjoy accelerated growth and success with minimal investment. 

What's the Best Predictive Dialer Software?

What’s the best predictive dialer on the market, you ask? 

It’s the one:

  • With predictive dialer features for all types of call center environments. 
  • That’s partnered with industry-leading telephony partners. 
  • The top international companies are choosing for their outbound call campaigns. 

At AutoReach, we know the powerful impact the right predictive dialer has on performance, efficiency, customer engagement, and sales. That’s why we’re so proud of the latest addition to our range of trusted telephony software, the AI-powered predictive dialer

It’s the ultimate solution to idle time and dwindling conversions. Our predictive dialer system has all the features that matter. It’s the best choice if you’re looking to reduce downtime, increase conversions, and boost profitability. 


Predictive dialers can have a wide range of features, with some being more important for your company’s operations than others. But choosing the right predictive dialer is easy when you understand your unique needs and know what to look for. 

Leading companies like Cynet Systems and Mercado Libre have trusted AutoReach with their telephony needs. Now, you can too! Sign up for our free trial today and discover all the predictive dialer features that will drive results in your business.

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