33 Motivational Videos for Sales Teams

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February 9, 2023

When it comes to sales, motivation is key. A good sales team is driven, always looking for new ways to close deals and increase their commission. But sometimes, even the most driven team can use a little extra motivation...and that's where motivational videos come in.

There is no shortage of hyped-up sales content available online. But you should be aware of the top motivational speakers to ensure that the content you consume is actionable and practical.

The top motivational speakers that sales teams should listen to include Grant Cardone, Dr. Jessica Houston, Lisa Nochols, Jordan Belfort, Dean Graziosi, Les Brown, David Goggins, and Jocko Willink. They preach practical persistence and instill newfound resolve to overcome obstacles in their listeners.

This article will cover 33 top motivational videos for sales teams, alongside brief descriptions covering each video's central theme and benefit. You should treat this post as a reference guide and bookmark it to have access to relevant videos for just-in-time motivation and to take your game to the next level. There is always room to grow and learn and that’s key in this business.

Motivational Speaker Why You Should Trust This Speaker Central Theme(s)
Grant Cardone Entrepreneur worth over $600 million Whatever it takes
How to change
Price of success
Don’t quit
Show up
Lisa Nichols One of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, best-selling author & CEO I can do it
You are enough
Dr. Jessica Houston Success coach & ranked globally as a top 50 motivational speaker Be fearless
Jordan Belfort The “Wolf of Wall Street” was a Wall Street trader who was imprisoned and has risen again after his release Get out of a rut
Sell anything to anyone
Be certain
Follow the steps
Take charge immediately
Tony Robbins One of the most recognizable motivational speakers in the world Build momentum
Raise your standards
Be extraordinary
Sell a feeling
David Goggins Only U.S. Armed Forces member to complete US Army Ranger School, Navy SEAL & Air Force air controller training No limits
Outwork everyone
Jocko Willink Co-author of Extreme Ownership (#1 New York Times bestseller) Outwork everyone
Discipline = freedom
Extreme ownership
Mark Cuban A dot com billionaire that owns the Dallas Mavericks & star of reality TV show Shark Tank Winners outwork everyone
Dean Graziosi Real-estate millionaire, infomercial star & author of multiple New York Times bestsellers Talk yourself into success
Find your way
Overcome anxiety & self-doubt
Sustainable motivation
Expect more from yourself
Steve Harvey Actor & stand-up comedian known for self-help advice (& that mustache!) Control mindset & push past resistance
Les Brown Awarded as one of the world’s best speakers Be hungry
It’s not over until you win
Make it happen
Steve Jobs Apple co-founder, chairman, & CEO Connect the dots

And with that out of the way, we're ready to dive into the motivational videos that will help you make more calls and close more deals.

1. Grant Cardone: It's Not Doing What You Love

Sales conversion rates are well below 50% (even the best-performing salesperson is busy failing more often than succeeding). So, it is understandable why salespersons can fixate on what they dislike about their jobs instead of what they like.

This video by Grant Cardone reminds a salesperson that it is not doing what you love that will bring you success - it is doing whatever it takes.

2. Grant Cardone: How to Make Change

If a salesperson is stuck in a downward spiral because of the confidence loss that occurs due to rejection, this video is going to be pretty helpful.

Change is a powerful thing, and it is inevitable.

But when you accept responsibility, you can take control of the natural change and divert it toward success.

Salespeople who can pause and pivot the direction of their days can turn around their KPIs after a significant loss.

3. Grant Cardone: The Price of Success

Sales managers erroneously think that it is the low-performing salesperson who needs motivation. Often the high-performer who gets comfortable needs motivation more than the low-performer.

The low-performer can be naturally hungry, but the one who gets "enough" sales might decide that's "good enough" for them. This video reminds the mid-performer what it takes to be a top producer.

4. Dr. Jessica Houston: Be Fearless

Fear stops action, and action leads to sales.

When salespeople are afraid of taking action (because of potential rejection, harsh responses, or tough prospects), this video can help them find the peak of their courage to take the first step.The video talks about how your thoughts can’t be trusted when your emotions are high and that rejection is part of the journey to success. The approach to all of this is key and once they are in the flow, the resistance to take action melts away.

5. Grant Cardone: Don't Quit

Sales is a high-turnover job where people quit within weeks of joining, especially in beginner roles.

This motivation video isn't just for beginners - it is for those days when even experts might seriously consider packing their bags.

It is a snapshot of a meeting from Cardone Enterprises where Grant is talking to his salespeople and general staff, reminding them that quitting brings short-term relief and long-term misery.

6. Grant Cardone: Just Show Up

While conversion rate and lead engagement are great metrics for managers to keep in mind, salespeople should focus on the volume of calls. Remember, your contact list is the lifeblood of your business.

This video by Grant Cardone reminds viewers that a significant part of success is showing up regardless of one's feelings. It helps salespeople realize that even if they have days where they don't feel at their best, it is their duty to show up.

7. Lisa Nichols: I Can Do It

Sometimes a string of rejections can make a salesperson feel like they have done all it takes. The "bad day" trope makes it easier for them to believe that sleeping it off is the way to fix the problem.

This video by Lisa Nichols can help salespeople believe otherwise in those moments when they feel like selling is not for them.

This video has immense affirming value and should be a click away for any salesperson.

8. Lisa Nichols: You Are Enough

It is human nature to tie self-worth with craft. Since salespeople rely on their prospects' decisions to measure success, they can start chasing approval instead of sales.

This video can support salespeople who are doubting their worth or taking a hit on their self-esteem. It reminds them that they are enough, allowing them to focus on the volume of calls they make or doors they knock on instead of a person's opinion of them.

9. Jordan Belfort: Get Out of a Rut

Every salesperson with enough time under their belt understands the dry mouth feeling. Sometimes, a string of rejections can cause a rut where even the best salespeople seem to get no sales.

Jordan Belfort has experienced rock bottom and can understand the psychology of being in a rut. In this video, he explains the mindset component of getting out of a rut.

10. Jordan Belfort: How to Sell Anything to Anyone

If your sales team keeps putting the burden of higher conversion on their leads or your company's marketing, chances are that your staff needs to gain a broader sales mindset.

Salespeople can often get too specific about what they are selling and the type of person who would buy what they are selling.

Belfort's "How to Sell Anything to Anyone" video goes over the tips and tricks of selling on a more fundamental level. And it is human nature to be motivated to apply whatever one learns.

This video will get your sales staff excited about selling.

11. Jordan Belfort: A Reminder to be Certain

Nervous selling is just begging.

Jordan Belfort is a pioneer in certainty-based selling, and this video is a friendly reminder to stay certain even if prospects react in ways that aren't compatible with the sales script.

Watch this video whenever you're anxious, especially before a high-stakes sales meeting.

12. Jordan Belfort: It's All in the Steps

Selling is simple, but we make it complicated.

In this video, Jordan Belfort covers the steps required to take a new prospect from awareness to the close. Again, many salespeople would know these exact steps and might even unconsciously apply them.

But this video is a reminder and freshens enthusiasm to execute the steps.

13. Jordan Belfort: Take Control of the First 4 Seconds

If you track outbound campaigns, you can probably predict success within the first few seconds. That's because it takes less than 4 seconds for a prospect to decide whether he trusts the salesperson or not.

This video teaches (and reminds) salespeople to take charge of the sale in the first 4 seconds, so it becomes infinitely easier to maintain control of the conversation throughout the sale.

14. Tony Robbins: Build Momentum

Anyone with any background in sales knows the feeling of making multiple sales in a row. It's as if the enthusiasm of one sale is fuelling the other.

What if you could control and manifest such days?

In this video, Tony Robbins explains how you can build momentum at will.

15. Tony Robbins: Raise Your Standards

Sometimes, a sales team's greatest problem is not that it isn't meeting its targets but is “just meeting” its targets.

Watch this Tony Robbins video on raising standards to fire up your team to exceed its baseline performance goals. It will help the salespeople be extraordinary in sales (and their personal lives).

16. Tony Robbins: Be Extraordinary

Extraordinary salespeople are not born. They are made.

This video shows what it takes to be extraordinary.

For most salespeople, it will be a decent dose of motivation to get them fired up for the day. But a few salespeople will internalize it and inch towards fulfilling their potential.

17. Tony Robbins: Self-Confidence

It is often said that a sale is the transfer of certainty. A nervous person wouldn't be able to sell $10 for a quarter. Self-confidence is a state of being that makes sales easier.

In this video, Tony Robbins lays out the steps you can take to manifest confidence instantly.

18. Tony Robbins: How to Sell a Feeling

The mark of a novice salesperson is selling the features. Often the industry jargon of the product's niche can go over the prospect's head.

Tony Robbins explains that people buy a feeling and not a product.

By watching this video, the salespeople regressing to feature-selling should pivot towards selling the feeling. Preparation and personalized calls always have a better chance of getting the sale.

19. David Goggins: There Are No Limits

Sales is a numbers game, and laying down the numbers requires defining the limits. Ironically it is the mental limits that actually ruin a salesperson's odds of success.

That's why it takes a man like David Goggins (who has nothing to do with sales) to remind salespeople that there are no limits. All mental conditioning must be undone so salespeople can keep dialing, knocking, and selling.

20. David Goggins + Jocko Willink: Outwork Everyone!

Sales never get easier, and the exhaustion after a few calls can compound and contribute to premature clocking out.

Goggins and Willink are two personalities with a military background. And when the Navy Seal mindset of outworking everyone is applied to sales, the results can be desirable.

This is one of the motivational videos that should be in your sales team's monthly rotation.

21. Jocko Willink: Discipline Equals Freedom

Prospecting, qualifying, and closing are the three stages that are easier to list than execute.

Jocko Willink's dictum is that discipline equals freedom and this video encapsulates it in the most motivational way possible.

Sales teams that internalize this remain unfazed by circumstances and stick to a disciplined structure that, in turn, produces a sense of freedom. Because they can exceed their KPIs, they have higher commissions and more options in life.

22. Jocko Willink: Extreme Ownership

You might have had those days where it seems like the prospects being sent to you are irrelevant. Or days where prospects seem too naive to know that your product offers great value for money. If you lean into that thinking, you'll only have those days.

Jocko's extreme ownership video reminds salespeople that their only option is to assume responsibility for everything.

That way, salespeople can close deals even in suboptimal conditions. Without extreme ownership, people can convince themselves that sales are low because of everyone else except their own selves.

23. Mark Cuban: Winners Outwork Everyone

Sometimes, the messenger is more important than the message.

Salespeople can often be skeptical of sales trainers. But when Mark Cuban tells you that outworking everyone is the key to success, you have to listen to him no matter your role.

As a "shark" who has proven himself as not just an entrepreneur but a legend in the sports industry worth over $4 billion, Cuban's advice is worth taking into consideration.

24. Dean Graziosi: Talk Yourself Into Success

The "teach a man to fish" saying is too much of a cliche to be written in its entirety. But it does apply to motivation.

If you teach your sales staff how to stay motivated, they won't need constant encouragement.

This video shows Dean Graziosi explaining the exact steps you need to take in order to talk yourself into your peak motivational state.

25. Dean Graziosi: Find Your Way

One of the reasons your sales staff is not as motivated might be that your company's goals don't align with their personal goals. But as long as their work is connected to money, they can always use sales as a way to fund their passion projects.

In this video, Graziosi teaches salespeople to find their true purpose. Once a salesperson knows how their job connects to a dream, they will work on it as if it is their dream.

26. Dean Graziosi: Overcome Anxiety And Self-Doubt

Anxiety is one of the most effective triggers of the downward spiral of rejections and dwindling sales.

Before a salesperson takes the nervous energy from their previous call to the next one, they should watch this video and reset.

27. Dean Graziosi: How To Make Motivation Sustainable

Starting a workday with a motivational video is good practice. But motivation has to be sustainable across a career.

This video teaches salespeople how to remain motivated without using motivational content as a crutch.

It will not replace motivational videos but will surely help your team get the most out of each motivational video, as the pump will last longer.

28. Dean Graziosi: Expect More From Yourself

It doesn't matter if $1,000,000 is possible in commissions if a salesperson thinks they only deserve $10,000. We settle for what we think we deserve, even if more is handed to us.

Dean Graziosi reminds us to expect more from ourselves, so we sincerely believe that we deserve more from life.

It is a good motivational video for sales teams and managers because it is specific to performance and not just sales. If you’re a manager, how can you boost your team’s self confidence?

29. Steve Harvey: Control Your Mindset and Push Past Resistance

Self-doubt can creep in and ruin a good sales streak. No salesperson is immune to this, and prevention is better than cure.

Instead of letting that self-doubt take over you, watch this video on controlling your mindset when you don't feel like connecting with the next prospect.

If you're the manager, send this video to the salesperson who seems down.

30. Les Brown: You've Got to Be Hungry

As mentioned back up at number 3, top performers can become comfortable with being mid-level performers once they lose their initial hunger.

Les Brown is the world's #1 expert on making (and keeping) people hungry.

This video is another good ace in the hole for you sales managers out there.

31. Les Brown: It's Not Over Until You Win

Salespeople having a bad day need a pep talk. And there is no better pep talk than this account by Mr. Les Brown reminding viewers that quitting is optional.

Sales is one of those games where you can choose to continue playing until you get the result you are after.

32. Les Brown: Make It Happen

Making sales happen can equate to making your dreams happen. But in the middle of the string of rejections and objections, it is easy to lose track of that.

This video by the great Les Brown can motivate salespeople to keep going when things are not going their way.

33. Steve Jobs: Connecting the Dots

Sales team members can be discouraged by the disconnect between their dreams and their day job.

Connecting the dots is a speech by Steve Jobs that can help people realize that everything eventually converges.

A salesperson can make their day job a pivotal contributor to overarching dreams by showing up with the spirit of excellence.

Final Thoughts

Motivation is temporary, but habits are forever. So sales teams and managers must make consuming motivational content a habit. More importantly, salespeople must apply what they learn from these videos and continue to show up!

Now that you’re fully motivated, time to hit the phones! Schedule a demo of AutoReach so you can increase your productivity and connect with more decision makers.

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