How Hosted Predictive Dialer Services Can Help You Scale Your Business

What is a hosted predictive dialer?

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October 25, 2023

One of the chief goals of any business, including a contact or outbound call center, is sustainable growth. Scalability ensures that your business is primed for growth, and can sustain the increased workload that such growth necessitates. And the top tool for your scalability toolbox is a hosted predictive dialer.

That’s right! Hosted predictive dialer services are leading the way in outbound call business scalability. And we’ve got all the features and benefits that prove it right here. So keep reading to discover how a cloud predictive dialer will prime your business for success.

What's A Hosted Predictive Dialer?

A hosted dialer is automated dialer software that’s based in the cloud, a distributed network of servers that host software and infrastructure on the internet.  A hosted predictive dialer is a predictive dialer based on the cloud. 

So, what exactly does this type of dialing technology do? 

This cloud-based technology allows cross-channel contact strategies to optimize agent availability and maximize call volumes. It does so through the dynamic pacing of dialing while filtering out unanswerable calls.

Why Should You Use A Hosted Predictive Dialer? 

The top business leaders all know that leveraging technology is one of the most effective means of scaling your business for rapid growth. And a hosted predictive dialer is the perfect technological combo of cloud connectivity and predictive dialing. 

Plus, it still offers all of the features of predictive dialers that boost your efficiency and productivity. Your call agents enjoy automated dialing that cuts through the leads list in next to no time. As soon as an agent becomes available, there’s already a call ready for them to take. 

Your outbound calls team will experience greater efficiency and productivity than ever before. So, why do you need the cloud? The cloud makes it all easier.

What Is Scalability?

What exactly is scalability? The truth is that scalability means different things in different settings. 

  • Business scalability is a business's capacity to grow to meet increased consumer demand for its products or services.
  • Scalable software applications can handle workload variation, adapting to increased workloads and users with ease. It remains stable and continues to perform despite growing demands on its processes.
  • One of the cloud’s best features is its innate scalability. Cloud scalability allows the system to adapt to changing requirements on demand. That’s why a cloud predictive dialer is the top choice for business scalability in today’s online world. 

Regardless of the setting, one thing is clear - scalability is essential for growth and profitability.

Benefits Of Scaling

Scaling your business is not the same as growing your business, but the two do go hand in hand. To grow and thrive, you need to ensure that your business can cope with the extra demands on your resources and staff. 

Scalability entails investing in affordable and efficient processes that help you deal with higher workloads. 

That makes scalability a strategy of the utmost importance if you want your business to grow and reach the top of your industry. But why exactly is scalability so crucial if you want your business to succeed as it grows? What are the top benefits of scaling your business that make a difference to your bottom line? 

Here are four scaling benefits that are highly relevant to the outbound calls industry.

Expand Your Customer Base

Your loyal customers are what’s got you to where you are now. But the larger your customer base, the more opportunities you’ll have to close deals and make sales. Scaling helps you increase brand visibility, which is a must when expanding your customer base. 

Tap Into New Markets

As your business grows, you may consider tapping into new markets. These could be previously unexplored niche markets or well-established markets that are new to you. Whatever the case, it’s a surefire way to stay ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive industry.

Increase Your Revenue/Profits 

Scaling your outbound call business means you’ll be able to handle the expanded customer base and the challenges of those new market possibilities. If you can do this in a stress-free and cost-effective manner, you will increase your profitability.

Remain Relevant and Competitive

Want to stay competitive and remain relevant in today’s world? Scaling your business is the key because it helps you improve your efficiency and keep up with growing consumer demands. This, in turn, establishes trust in your brand.

Features Of Hosted Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers offer you a world of convenience and efficiency, with features relevant to your industry. However, a predictive dialer comparison quickly shows that a hosted predictive dialer is the top choice for scalability. 

Hosted predictive dialer services are helping outbound call centers everywhere scale their businesses faster than ever before. And it’s all thanks to exciting features like these:

CRM Integration

One of the best features of hosted predictive dialer systems is CRM integration. This seamless connectivity between your customer relationship management system and the predictive dialer ensures that you’re always prepared for every call. 

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a breeze with fuss-free software, a user-friendly dashboard, and a minimal learning curve. Thanks to virtual predictive dialers’ campaign management features, scaling your business has never been easier.

Insight Into Performance 

A cloud-based predictive dialer system allows deeper insights into your business’ performance with built-in analytics. These allow you to make data-based, tactical decisions in real time, further enhancing your scalability. 

Personal Parameters

Predictive dialers will only make calls based on the rules you set. You set the parameters according to location, time zone, or demographics, and the dialer will skip calls to leads that don’t meet your set criteria. This makes it easier to scale your business for multiple call campaigns.

Unique Pacing Ration

With predictive dialer software, small businesses with less staff can compete against bigger companies. That’s thanks to the unique pacing ratio feature. This makes the most of your available call agents without overwhelming them with work. 

How Can Hosted Predictive Dialers Help Scale Your Business?

We’ve examined the benefits of scaling your business and looked at what scalability means in practice. Scalability should be your top priority to ensure future success and profitability. But can a hosted predictive dialer really help scale your business? 

Yes, a hosted predictive dialer is the ultimate scalability tool for your contact center or outbound call center! It has all the technological features that scalability requires, with a quick and easy setup and minimal cost.  

If you’re looking to scale your outbound call business, you need the right automated dialer software. You need a hosted predictive dialer. Let’s look at the top reasons why. 

  1. Productivity Based On Science

If you want to grow your business, you need to grow your customer base and increase your call volumes. But do you have what it takes to handle those higher call volumes? Will your staff cope with the increasing demands placed on them? 

With hosted predictive dialers, the answer to both questions will always be a resounding yes. Predictive dialers not only predict how many calls they can make simultaneously based on your agent numbers, but they also adapt through dynamic call pacing. This means more calls, regardless of the size of your team.

And your valued call agents won’t be wasting any time on calls that go to voicemail or have busy signals. The predictive dialer screens those out automatically. Thanks to the science behind predictive dialing algorithms, your business becomes highly scalable, and success is virtually guaranteed!

  1. Versatility Is The Way Forward

If you’re planning on branching out into other types of outbound call services, a hosted predictive dialer is the answer. Predictive dialers have been making their presence felt in telesales, but they’re just as effective for other outbound call environments. 

Another outbound calls sector scaling up with hosted predictive dialers is the outreach and customer service sector. They’ve discovered that cloud predictive dialing is an effective strategy for effortless outreach management. It’s the most versatile dialer on the market today.

Higher call volumes and increased call agent utilization are a winning recipe for any business relying on outbound calls. Software that helps you break out into multiple outbound call markets? That’s an example of business scaling at its very finest!

  1. True Potential Lies In The Cloud

With cloud predictive dialers, you can operate your outbound sales call center virtually, with a dedicated team of remote workers. That’s because they allow your agents to work from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and a computer, and they’re good to go. 

But hosted predictive dialers are not just the solution to scaling up outbound sales call centers. They are fast becoming the future of telemarketing, too. They allow you to hire the best and brightest in telemarketing from all over the world without being tied to a physical call center.

Cloud-based technology frees your employees from the restrictions of a physical workspace. An affordable, international network of call agents is helping your business grow? Now we’re talking about the ultimate in scalability measures! 


Looking for ways to enhance the scalability of your outbound calls business? A hosted predictive dialer is the most important tool you’ll need. At AutoReach, we understand the needs of the outbound calls sector. It’s why so many leading companies trust us with their dialer software needs. 

The outbound call industry is extremely competitive. Scalability is the key to increased growth, soaring profits, and market relevance. Make scalability a priority and make the right decision for your business with innovative predictive dialer technology. Don’t delay; start your free AutoReach trial today.

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