Effortless Outreach Management: Tips for Implementing Predictive Dialers

How to implement a predictive dialer

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September 19, 2023

As an outreach manager, you’re tasked with overseeing campaigns that build brand awareness and promote your products and services. This includes reaching out to customers and even important stakeholders, such as potential sponsors or donors. One of the ways you’re doing this is with cold calls.

For effortless outreach management through cold calling, look no further than a predictive dialer. It will take your team’s call performance to the next level while saving them time and boosting morale. Need to know more? Follow these tips for implementing predictive dialers.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated dialing system that uses the latest technology and algorithms to set an optimal dialing pace. However, it has several additional features that make it a winning choice for all kinds of outbound call centers.

So, what are the benefits of predictive dialers in the demanding world of outreach management? Let’s examine those specific outreach management benefits, now.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers for Outreach Management

Outreach management predictive dialers offer the following top benefits:

More Calls in Less Time

Call lists in an outreach center can be very long, and when time is limited, frustrations run high. That’s why a predictive dialer is such a good choice for outreach. It dials each number automatically, even before an agent is free to take the call! It knows when to do so, thanks to its AI capabilities.

Predictive dialers continuously adjust their dialing pace to suit the algorithms they calculate. This is based on historical data, like the average call times of earlier call campaigns. This ultimately reduces time wasted between calls, leading to more calls in less time. Productivity at its finest.

Access to Customer Data on Calls

With a predictive dialer CRM combo, you’ll not only improve agent-customer interactions but also unleash your sales potential. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration gives your outreach call agents access to all the existing customer data stored within your CRM. Not only their contact details but also their purchase history and preferences. 

As all this information is available during the call, agents can personalize their interactions to better engage customers and increase the odds of further sales. A predictive dialer will automate your contact lists for call campaigns, saving agents valuable time. 

Every Call Becomes a Conversation

The reality is that many of those numbers will be met with a busy tone, go straight to voicemail, or just won’t be answered. Outreach management predictive dialers handle this with efficiency and ease. These calls are skipped over so that every agent speaks to a ready and waiting customer.

Every call becomes a conversation, and that’s essential to your outreach management goals. And those unanswered calls? Don’t worry about those, they’ll be rescheduled for later in the day so that they, too, can become conversations.

Big Rewards for a Small Investment

A predictive dialer is one of the most cost-effective investments any outreach manager can make. Higher employee productivity, increased customer engagement, and an overall improvement in efficiency are rewards that far outweigh any initial cost. 

A predictive dialer is also easy to set up and simple enough for your agents to understand and use with a quick demonstration. Sometimes, small changes really do lead to big results!

Features of Predictive Dialers in Outreach Management

These are the features you’ll enjoy when investing in the best predictive dialer for your outreach team. 

Automated Calls and Call Volume Control

When a call agent has everything they need to do their job well, they do it well. Automatic dialing takes the pressure off, as they know they can rely on its speed and accuracy. With less stress and fewer errors, they can launch into every call with confidence. 

Every call is different, and customers are not always in a quiet environment. Your message and their response could be lost in the mix. Call volume control ensures that not only the agent but also the customer are clearly heard and understood.

Call Prioritization Based on Customer Records

One of the top advantages of predictive dialer software in outreach management is call prioritization based on customer records. This is especially important in outreach, whether you are singling out particular customers for a special offer or calling potential donors for support.

This makes a predictive dialer a versatile tool you can’t afford to do without. Now your agents can breeze through any campaign or task, no matter if it’s customer service feedback, a marketing or sales call, or a request for campaign donations. 

Real-Time Insights into Call Center Performance

No outbound sales strategy can be effective without careful consideration of your call center's performance. Outreach management predictive dialers record data from every call, so you have access to the metrics that count. 

The real-time insights you get from a predictive dialer’s analytics and reporting will help you modify and streamline your techniques, where necessary. Because they highlight areas where there is a need for improvement, you can adapt your training resources accordingly.

Improved Agent Efficiency and Productivity

Using a predictive dialer like AutoReach’s AI-powered predictive dialer is one of the simplest ways to improve agent efficiency and productivity. The predictive dialer sets the dialing pace that best meets your staffing numbers and average call times. 

This is the key to optimal agent utilization, efficiency, and productivity. Multiple calls can be placed simultaneously and routed to the next available agent on the connection. The dialing pace will adjust automatically, but you can also reduce the number of calls made at one time when understaffed.

Automated Contact Lists, Contact Rates, And Idle Time Reduction

Automated contact lists, increased contact rates, and less idle time all work together to achieve better results. You’ll get through campaigns more quickly and with fewer hassles than ever before. Even a smaller team will produce results with all these features.

The time wasted on dialing numbers manually or on calls that aren’t answered - that’s all a thing of the past. And the result is a much higher rate of successful calls. The kinds of calls that start efficiently and end with closed deals and confirmed sales. 

How Predictive Dialing Works in Outreach Management

There are many types of dialing software for call center use, but predictive dialing is the best choice for outreach management. To understand why, we need to look at how it works.

  • The predictive dialer automatically dials the numbers on your contact lists. You can import any necessary data from your CRM system to give agents even more information for achieving their goals on the calls.
  • It can dial multiple numbers at a time. Even while you’re still on the phone, the predictive dialer’s algorithms dictate when to start dialing the next number. As soon as an agent gets off a call, the next call is queued up.
  • Of course, you may be running multiple campaigns at once. This is common in outreach centers. But that’s not a problem, as there’s a predictive dialer to meet this need, too. A parallel predictive dialer will execute these various campaigns, each with its own contact lists, in parallel.
  • No agent is going to sit idly by without someone to talk to. The algorithm sees to that, making the most of the number of agents you have available. This works regardless of staff numbers.
  • While on a call, the conversation can be recorded. This is extremely useful later, should any problems arise with information given to a customer. It’s also beneficial for future training of your new hires.
  • Each call logged will be assigned a timestamp and other important details. This makes it easier to retrieve the information at a later date. The call durations are also helpful, as you’ll quickly be able to identify areas that require improvement when analyzing such metrics later.
  • The numbers that go to fax or voicemail, are busy, or are just not answered, are skipped over. Unanswered calls are rescheduled for a later time slot. No time is wasted on calls that can't produce results. No opportunities for engagement are missed.
  • As you continue to use the predictive dialer day after day, its algorithms align ever more closely with your unique outreach team. This makes it more effective for your specific needs with each passing day.
  • You’ll need to report on your team’s progress. Of counters. Whether this happens weekly, monthly, or every quarter, you need actionable data and metrics at your fingertips. The predictive dialer offers you the analytics you need for accurate reporting.


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Outreach management predictive dialers offer all the features and benefits you’ve been looking for. Not sure yet? Allow us to show you just what a predictive dialer can do for your team. Sign up for a free trial today.

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