Why You Need a Power Dialer for Zoom Phone

AutoReach for Zoom Phone enables your contact center to leverage Zoom's telephony platform with an industry-leading dialer so your team can have the best of both worlds.

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February 25, 2023


If you’re in the sales industry then one of the most crucial pieces to your business is the platform you’re using to make your phone calls. Zoom Phone was launched in 2019 as a simple cloud business phone solution. In Q1 of 2022, Zoom reached 3 million Zoom Phone seats sold worldwide. The numbers have grown so quickly in just three years with demand that Zoom Phone has become one of the main providers for companies across the globe. We’re assuming if you’re reading this then you are likely one of those 3 million (we went with the odds). In that case, we have the other half of the puzzle you need to boost your sales and meet your goals; a dialer for Zoom Phone integration.

Agents spend hours on repetitive and tedious tasks during an outbound dialing session. Figuring out who to call, ensuring the number isn’t on a DNC list, and manually dialing numbers, only to get an unanswered call, a hang-up, or voicemail. We all know this is not an efficient way to do business or to make a sale.

AutoReach's power dialer and campaign management for Zoom Phone functionality is a game changer. It’s a simple add-on that enables your contact center to leverage Zoom's telephony platform with an industry-leading dialer so your team can have the best of both worlds. If you’re already using Zoom Phone to do your business, then adding a dialer can only enhance your strategy to reach your consumers faster and provide an even better customer experience.

While reading through the rest of this article think through a few questions:

  • How much time are your sales reps spending on inefficient tasks that a dialer and automation process could help with?
  • If you have a remote workforce or a hybrid work from home set up, how are you enabling them to perform at their best? Fun fact: 97% of Zoom Phone users said it enabled their remote workforce better. Chances are that you chose Zoom Phone because it’s scalable for your business. Adding a dialer would be the appropriate next step to enhance this performance.
  • What opportunities could you unlock for your business if your reps were able to focus more on their calls and increase their call volume in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the customer experience?  

The Zoom Phone cloud solution was created to help with user and admins challenges. It provides a streamlined service for the common issues that businesses face daily when trying to keep their systems running smoothly. AutoReach is an intelligent enterprise dialer that allows your agents to make calls faster and more efficiently. It also has the insights and reporting notifications to drive better results. Blending the connectivity, quality and ease of both Zoom Phone and AutoReach will power your business to the next level.

Here’s a Short Break Down of the Benefits of AutoReach for Zoom

Zoom Phone Integration
Integration with Zoom Phones

Power Dialer & User Experience

Power dialing removes the manual calling steps for sales reps by automatically dialing through a list of phone numbers while maintaining a good customer experience. The roadblocks that long call queues once provided are gone. Power dialers cut the wait times in between calls which increasing the connection rates for reps and also removes lag time before the call starts so clients aren’t put off. AutoReach’s dialer leverages our reachai artificial intelligence technology to help your reps connect with the right leads at the right time. Now, your workflows can be focused on meeting goals, higher performance and prospecting.

Smart Campaign Design

‍Connect your data sources and create dynamic campaigns that maximize your chance of success for your sales team in real-time. The same experience of Zoom Meetings powers Zoom Phone’s enterprise-class VoIP features.‍ AutoReach’s campaign management blends phone, and SMS for a streamlined omni-channel outreach. From cadence building to list distribution, reps get more success from every campaign. Pair this with your Zoom Phone process already in place and your team’s campaigns will be easier than ever to create.

Ease-of-Use, Deployment and Key Learnings

Rapidly deploy and manage campaigns in a matter of minutes with little to no technical experience. AutoReach is easy to configure and seamlessly integrates into Zoom Phone so you can streamline your processes and phone system operations. AutoReach provides live leaderboards to create healthy competition and give managers the insights they need to coach their team. Best-time-to-call dashboards give your reps the best chance of connecting with your buyers. Make it that much easier for your reps and clients to connect and let the dialer get in the weeds so your reps can do their jobs better.

This Zoom Phone integration equips your team with a full suite of features to operate a modern, high-volume outbound contact center with best-in-class call quality and reliability.

Key Features include:

  • Power, preview, and blended dialing modes
  • Static and Dynamic target list creation
  • Campaigns
  • Cadences
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • AutoReach CRM
  • Visual CSV importer
  • DNC list management
  • Skills-based Routing
  • Dashboard & leaderboards
  • Optimal call times based on your data
  • Pre-built Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, Zoho, and more…
  • Open APIs

AutoReach’s automated dialing and campaign management solutions help you drive more conversations with the right people and ensure agents don’t waste time dialing and waiting.

Interested in information and pricing? See our FAQ page here.

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