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December 9, 2022


Dialpad is a tool that unifies your teams through voice, video, messages, and online meetings to help you better manage your business communications and increase productivity. From 2019 to 2025, the worldwide digital transformation market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 22.7%. Cloud-based phone systems like Dialpad are a big part of this market growth.   

AutoReach's dialer and campaign management tools integrate with Dialpad to automate repetitive tasks like dialing numbers and leaving voicemails while also providing features like automatic number identification, cadences, and more. This can free up your team's time to focus on selling rather than administrative tasks.

In addition, AutoReach's campaign management tool lets you create and manage outbound calling and SMS campaigns directly from your Dialpad interface. You can segment your leads, create custom target lists, and track results in real-time to help you optimize your sales process. 

Here are a few key questions to ask while reading this article:

  • Do a large majority of your sales come from inbound or outbound calls?
  • Are your sales reps wasting time on repetitive tasks like dialing numbers or leaving voicemails?
  • Do you have a hard time tracking the results of your outbound calling campaigns?
  • Would saving time on these tasks help your business be more productive?

With AutoReach for Dialpad, you can use Dialpad's telephony platform and AutoReach’s industry-leading dialer to provide your team the best of both worlds.

How Does AutoReach Integrate With Dialpad?

Dialpad is a cloud-based phone system that offers enterprise-grade features that include voice intelligence for meeting transcription, keyword tracking during customer conversations that detect a customer's mood, and automated post-call summaries with action items and other crucial information. 

Dialpad's business communications product is a contemporary Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications platform that allows for voice, text, and voice messages. Dialpad offers features like:

  • Call analytics - Track vital information and KPIs with Real-time data and transcription analysis. Dialpad provides simple, basic information on missed or abandoned calls and an informative dashboard that allows team leaders to view team performance and detect calling habits.
  • Post-call notes - After each call, automatic action items, meeting highlights, and any manual notes assist you in recalling.
  • Speech coaching - Speech coaching is a live tool that, during a call, gives real-time suggestions for optimal communication. If users speak too quickly, not leaving enough space for others in the conversation, or use too many filler words during the call, they will be alerted.

The application of artificial intelligence to business communications is a relatively new concept. The goal of AI in business communication tools, including VoIP platforms and unified communications, is to provide employees with the ability to manage an ever-increasing volume of customer interactions while delivering a high quality of service.

In a study done by PwC, 86% of the 1000 companies surveyed said that AI is slowly becoming a commonplace technology within their company. With the Dialpad + AutoReach integration, you can take advantage of this technology to help improve your team's productivity.

AutoReach's dialer and campaign management tool integrates with Dialpad to provide a seamless user experience and additional features not available in Dialpad alone. Businesses can leverage AutoReach to help salespeople reach the right leads at the right time while also allowing them to sell up to 300 percent faster.

How Can AutoReach Enhance Your Dialpad Experience?

Dailpad's AI-powered features are a great start to modernizing your business communications, but there are several areas where AutoReach can help take your team's productivity to the next level.

AutoReach's campaign management tool lets you create and manage outbound calling and SMS campaigns using dynamic target lists, and cadences to help your reps connect with more leads in less time.

Power Dialer

Power dialing removes all of the manual calling steps by dialing through a list of phone numbers automatically, maintaining a good customer experience by leaving no dead space between calls. Power dialing can effectively:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive manual tasks 
  • Increase the number of customer interactions 
  • Cut time in between calls
  • Help your team focus on their conversation, not the technology 

AutoReach's power dialer is fully integrated with Dialpad, so you can take advantage of its robust features without switching between applications. AutoReach's dialer for Dialpad allows reps to have more conversations with decision makers, increase your team's talk time by 300% and connect rates by approximately 30%.

Smart Campaign Design

‍Connect your data sources to create dynamic campaigns with a set timeframe for contacting leads. Structured lead conversations and progression tracking allow you to focus on success. 

AutoReach's campaign management for Dialpad makes it easy to target potential customers using filters and custom fields from Autoreach CRM. Your target list will automatically update with dynamic lists as new leads come in. Or, keep things simple with a static list.

Ease-of-Use and Deployment

‍You can rapidly deploy and manage campaigns in a matter of minutes with little technical experience. AutoReach's intuitive interface is designed for ease of use so you can start running campaigns quickly, with little to no training required. Switch between dialing modes according to your procedures and deploy in minutes to salespeople that are more ready to customize the next call. 

The Benefits of AutoReach for Dialpad

Integrating AutoReach with Dialpad allows you to take advantage of all the features of both tools  like:

Increased Performance

Your sales reps can talk to more leads in the same amount of time without having to worry about manually dialing phone numbers or waiting for the next call. Automatically, scheduled follow-ups/callbacks are added to lists, so your reps never forget to reach out to a lead.

Better Customer Experience

The customer experience is key in any industry. By automating repetitive tasks like leaving voicemails, your sales reps will be able to focus on the customer and create a better experience. Customer experience is further improved as your reps can have more conversations with leads and customers. 

Cadences enable you to manage a call and text schedule, so sales reps contact leads at the appropriate times. Calling at the right time can improve your chances of connecting with a lead.

Improved Insights

Live dashboards give you an overview of your team's performance, so you can see what's working and what needs improvement. AutoReach also allows you to record all calls, so you can listen in and give feedback to help reps improve their performance.

With AutoReach's campaign management tool, you can easily create and manage outbound calling campaigns. As mentioned above, AutoReach's power dialer also automates the calling process, leaving your reps free to focus on their conversation. 

Data Integration

Integrate your data sources to create dynamic campaigns in a matter of minutes. With AutoReach CRM, you can focus on structured lead conversations and progression tracking for success. Targeted lists and filters make it easy to find the right leads, and custom fields allow you to personalize each interaction.

Team Management

AutoReach offers real-time leaderboards to encourage friendly competition, help you track progress, and identify top performers, allowing for coaching opportunities to improve the skills of your entire team. Best-time-to-call dashboards also provide your reps with the best opportunity of connecting with your customers to enhance the customer experience. 

With automatic recording and transcription, you can listen to calls, review performance, and ensure quality standards are being met. Give your reps valuable feedback to improve their skills and close more deals. Skills-based routing allows you to create skills and assign a call to the most qualified representative.

Overall, with better customer insights, team management, and data integration, you can easily create and manage outbound calling campaigns to help your business succeed.

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