Guide to Sales Dialer Software (reviews & buyers guide)

How to pick the best dialer for your sales team

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June 12, 2023

Without a doubt, sales dialer software is a superpower for sales teams. By automating outbound calling, the software eliminates the mundane dialing tasks that tie up sales reps. As a result, they can focus on what’s really important–the person on the other end of the phone. 

But, with all the different types of sales dialers available and so many vendors to choose from, how do you know what’s best for your business?

To help you gain some clarity, we break down what sales dialer software is and why you need it. We also examine the top dialer options on the market and what they’re good for.

What is Sales Dialer Software?

Sales dialer software streamlines dialing for outbound call centers. The technology automates the process of entering phone numbers to call up business leads, customers, and contacts. 

Agents are quickly connected to people on the other end of the line, and there’s no need to wait for calls to be placed, no risk of reaching voicemail, and no chance of hearing a busy tone. All of this is done automatically and accurately, so your sales reps can turn their focus to their in-call sales pitches.

In the world of outbound call centers and sales divisions, everything comes down to the power of your dialing software. And as the call center environment becomes more digitized, these platforms are becoming more comprehensive and less expensive.

Why Use a Sales Dialer in Business?

The sales environment is extremely competitive. The more calls you can place, the more sales you can make. But manually dialing numbers that appear on a long list of leads is a time-consuming process. A sales dialer eliminates manual dialing and speeds up the process, allowing more numbers to be dialed in a shorter amount of time. 

Sales dialers often have other capabilities too. For example, call recordings, transcriptions, voicemail drops, call analysis, and software integrations are possible. This makes a sales dialer a versatile tool for any sales business environment. It becomes more than a sales tool, acting as a workforce management tool. 

The Different Types of Sales Dialers

There are four main types of sales dialers on the market. The one you choose will depend on your unique business type and needs.

Auto Dialer 

The auto dialer is sometimes jokingly referred to in the industry as a shotgun dialer. It shoots through as many phone numbers as possible, hoping to hit a live target. When the unsuspecting person answers, a recorded message plays, or the call is routed to the first available live teleagent. 

For large companies that make high volumes of cold calls, with telemarketing sales teams pitching products, a mass auto dialer is an answer. It’s the least personal of the various sales dialers. What it lacks in customer engagement, it makes up for in extended reach.

However, when multiple lines are dialed simultaneously and answered at any one time, there may be too much lag before an agent can attend to the call. This wastes the time of the call receiver and therefore abuses their consumer rights

This type of “robocalling” was declared illegal in many US states for this very reason. When choosing a mass autodialer, be sure to familiarize yourself with the relevant compliance laws.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is a more progressive dialer that allows sales some control over the call process. It displays the predetermined call list to the agent. The agents can then decide whether or not to skip the next number in the queue. 

It also displays lead information about the upcoming prospect on the list, allowing the agent to do quick research if necessary. Because of this, and the fact that the agent has more decision-making power, a preview dialer aids employees’ efficiency.

A preview dialer enables agents to proceed with calls and get prepared to clinch the deal. It doesn’t, however, speed up the sales process overall. It can slow it down dramatically, as your sales reps can become too reliant on this extra time it affords them to get into sales mode.

Power Dialer

The power dialer is also viewed as a progressive dialer, although it’s more versatile and efficient than the basic preview dialer. That’s because the power dialers offer a more personalized approach than standard auto dialers. And that personal touch is where the power lies. 

A power dialer allows you to tailor your messages to specific prospects based on existing information gleaned from previous calls or other research. That means you can add the person’s name or pitch products to them that they’re more likely to be interested in.

Personalized pitches lead to stronger interactions and a higher chance of a sale. That’s why so many businesses opt for a power dialer above all else.

Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer is the new kid on the block. It takes auto dialing up a notch with the assistance of AI. It dials multiple numbers according to an algorithm and routes the call to a live agent only if a live person answers it. This reduces ‘idle time’ and has a significant impact on productivity.

A predictive dialer is useful for companies with almost endless lead lists to call up. Predictive dialers are so named because they “predict”  the percentage of calls that will connect and automatically adjust the number of calls dialed at a given time based on the calculated probability.

Although this is usually very effective, there’s always the possibility that multiple recipients pick up, and there aren’t enough live agents free to take those calls. Predictive dialers can detect voicemail systems too. The AI is programmed to know the difference between common human phrases and voicemails. 

There are some prediction errors, as AI is still in its infancy. But for companies making a very high volume of outbound calls and a large enough workforce to handle those calls, these prediction errors are considered manageable losses. 

Eight Best Sales Dialer Software (Reviews)

Let’s explore some of the market-leading sales dialer software platforms available today. 

1. AutoReach - Best All-Round Sales-Dialer Software

Autoreach is the ultimate intelligent outbound dialer for the sales environment. This is much more than just power dialer software. It has a host of features that help any small or medium-sized business grow, as well as competitive integrations that rival most other software platforms.

Front and center is the effective power dialer that allows more calls in less time. The campaign management features, along with cadence and broadcast SMS, enable you to create powerful SMS marketing campaigns adapted to your unique target market. 

You can access and manage data in one place but integrate it anywhere you choose with a headless CRM. And speaking of data, AutoReach’s Insights lets you analyze data, make comparisons and predict trends with a 360-degree view of all your campaigns.

AutoReach can integrate with seven top platforms, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Main Features

  • Campaign management
  • Headless CRM
  • Power dialer 
  • Lead routing
  • Cadence and broadcast SMS
  • Insights
  • Google Chrome Extension

2. CloudTalk - Best For Large Call Centers

CloudTalk is a virtual call center system with a power dialer and predictive dialer features. It’s easy to use and offers real-time syncing between devices and services. And the Live Coaching feature allows call barging without disrupting the agent’s concentration or flow on a call. 

CloudTalk integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, or other CRM systems. It's designed to handle very large call volumes across a large sales team, while smaller businesses with smaller traditional sales teams may find it unsuitable.

Main Features

  • Power dialer
  • Predictive dialer
  • Real-time syncing
  • Integrations with most CRMs
  • Can handle large call volumes

3. RingCentral - Best For Start-Up Businesses

RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system with an integrated power dialer and a predictive dialer (available only if you use RingCentral’s phone system). 

Their EngageVoice dialer, which is part of the platform’s blended outbound cloud contact center, has limited features and integrates with some CRM systems, but not all.

All of RingCentral’s packages include unlimited calls across the United States and Canada and a business phone or toll-free number at no extra cost. That’s ideal for new businesses starting. 

Main Features

  • Power dialer
  • Predictive dialer
  • EngageVoice dialer can integrate with some CRMs
  • Cloud-based

4. Dialpad - Best For Training

Dialpad is an AI-powered communication platform. The Dialpad app on your computer or mobile device includes business calls and video conferencing tools. An integrated recording system allows you to record demo calls for training new hires.

Like several other top dialer software platforms, it has a power dialer that can integrate with your CRM. But it doesn’t have a predictive dialer. Sales calls are transcribed in real-time thanks to AI. But to integrate with your CRM system, you may need their pro plan. Pricing is only available in consultation.

Main Features

  • DialPad app for mobile devices
  • Power dialer
  • Call transcriptions
  • Integrated recordings
  • AI-powered

5. Aircall - Best For Automated Contact Lists

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system and call center software package. 

The platform’s power dialer saves you time by compiling lists of contacts, dialing, and entering contact information into your integrated CRM. 

You’ll get call alerts in the form of desktop notifications, and with a simple click, your tele-agent can answer the call. Aircall identifies and automatically adds a prospect’s website contact details to your CRM and call queue. 

The app also allows agents to make notes, create tags, and set follow-up tasks that get transferred to your CRM. What’s more, Aircall’s AI transcribes calls and voicemails, so you have a record for training new hires, which enhances your customer experiences. 

Main Features

  • Power dialer
  • Integrates with most CRMs
  • Allows note-taking and task scheduling
  • Cloud-based

6. JustCall - Best For Everyday Task Scheduling 

JustCall’s cloud-based phone system is designed for remote sales and support teams and offers an autodialer, predictive dialer, and dynamic dialer. 

It integrates with most CRMs systems and features a basic CRM template that can import lead data from and export to your own CRM. And with extras like appointment schedulers, everyday tasks are streamlined.

Main Features

  • Auto dialer
  • Predictive dialer
  • Dynamic dialer
  • Basic CRM layout
  • Integrates with most CRMs

7. PhoneBurner - Best For Remote Workers

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based power dialer software that’s ideal for remote workers. It allows sales reps to call into the system from any phone and stay on the line. Once connected, reps can manage interactions through the web interface. 

PhoneBurner’s own CRM handles most of the CRM functionality, with integrated push data between most CRM systems. On the downside, it has no predictive dialer and is one of the more expensive options only really suited to the remote or hybrid work model.

Main Features

  • Power dialer
  • Works with other CRMs by using push data
  • Ideal for remote or hybrid work environments
  • Cloud-based

8. Ringover - Best For Call App 

Ringover is outbound call center software that integrates with most CRMs. It offers a preview dialer with click-to-call, an integrated power dialer, and a predictive dialer with voicemail drop. 

There’s also a Google Chrome extension that automatically detects phone numbers found on web pages for adding to campaign lists. It uses push data with your CRM system, so there’s no need to export and import files. 

You can make unlimited calls from your computer with the Ringover Web App and access a complete history of your calls and text messages.

Main Features

  • Integrates with most CRMs 
  • Push data between CRMs
  • Preview dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Predictive dialer


The solution is clear if you want to improve your efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement. A powerful sales dialer is the best investment you can make for your outbound call center environment. 

The good news is we’ve got you covered with the best sales dialer software on the market. With AutoReach, not only do you increase your call volume and prospects, but you also boost the morale of your valued telesales agents. Start enjoying these benefits today with your free trial of AutoReach.

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