AutoReach is the Dialer You Need for RingCentral

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December 2, 2022

Is your sales team using RingCentral as your cloud phone system? If so, you probably already know how easy it is to use and to make the calls you need in one simple system. While you may be familiar with the setup and process, you should also know that there are ways to enhance your RingCentral system to further improve your sales and efficiencies. This is where AutoReach comes in. AutoReach has partnered with RingCentral to add a layer to your business so you can close more deals quicker. AutoReach is an intelligent enterprise dialer that allows your agents to make calls faster and more effectively. It also has the insights and reporting notifications to drive better results.

The AutoReach integration with RingCentral enables your contact center to leverage RingCentral's telephony platform with an industry-leading dialer. The integration equips your team with a full suite of features to operate a modern, high-volume outbound contact center with best-in-class call quality and reliability. If you’re already using RingCentral as your platform of choice, AutoReach is the next step you need to take to enhance not only your customer experience but to improve your team’s workflow as well. 

Here are some things to consider while reading this article:

  • How many hours are your agents spending on tedious tasks during an outbound dialing session?
  • What are the opportunities your business could be pursuing if you were to increase your call volume while maintaining customer experience?
  • Do you have a reliable dashboard that can provide you with the insights you need to learn from and grow your business?

Agents already spend too much time figuring out who to call (not on the DNC list), only to be hung up on or sent straight to voicemail. Of course, the worst is when the call simply goes unanswered with zero opportunity to connect with the potential client. AutoReach’s automated dialing and campaign management solutions help you drive more conversations with the right people and ensure agents don’t waste time dialing and waiting.


How Does AutoReach Enhance your RingCentral Experience?

Post-pandemic most teams, especially sales teams, are working remotely now. To set up your agents for success while working solo you need to consider all of their pain points and how to mitigate those to achieve your business goals. An outbound dialer can handle all of this for you and AutoReach is perfectly positioned to take the weight of trivial tasks off your reps’ plates. AutoReach provides the speed so they can reach clients at higher rates, the data so they can optimize sales and the integrations to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

Our customers have seen increased connect rates of 30%+ as well as increased talk time of 300%+. The familiarity with RingCentral and our seamless integrations into your business applications (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot, Homegrown, etc.) allows teams to be productive in minutes.


Highlights & Top Features

Power Dialer

Power dialing removes the manual calling steps by automatically dialing through a list of phone numbers and maintaining a good customer experience. A power dialer allows your business to be competitive in your designated space so you can reach more decision makers faster. A dialer will empower your outbound team to reach their full potential. AutoReach offers preview and blended dialing modes as well so you can adjust to what makes sense for your team and your business goals.

Smart Campaign Design and Campaign Management 

‍Connect your data sources and create dynamic campaigns that maximize your chance of success. AutoReach RingCentral integration. also enables your teams to have intelligent sales engagements so they know more about their prospects as they dial. You can plan, execute and track all of your campaigns for a streamlined approach including blending phone and SMS. You can create static and dynamic target lists so your campaigns are strategically sound and build cadences, so your reps get more success from their campaigns. 

Ease-of-Use and Deployment

‍Rapidly deploy and manage campaigns in a matter of minutes with little to no technical experience. Powerful dialing modes are available for any inside sales team from account-based sales to high volume transactional calls.

Additional Key Features

  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • AutoReach CRM
  • SMS Messaging
  • Visual record importer
  • DNC list management
  • Skills-based Routing
  • Dynamic Lead Routing
  • Best-time-to-call dashboard, live leaderboards, reports, and analytics (including call logging and call recording for teaching moments)
  • Optimal call times based on your data
  • Pre-built Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, Zoho, and more…
  • Open APIs

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